TikTok: “Think Big” Sound Trend Explained, Virus Memes Dominating the Internet

Tiktok has recently become a hub for viral trends and challenges, with the “Think Big” sound crazy. Yes, my new obsession with TikTok is “Think Big”. On the one hand, users are busy trying this out. Some of them are still trying to figure out what that means. So what is the “Think Big” sound about?

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s new trend “Think Big”.

TikTok gets a new “Think Big” sound trend.

Tiktok can have any type of trend, be it fun, serious or inspiring. This new trend is also true of “Think Big”. This particular trend is going viral on TikTok. It’s actually a sound trend that’s gaining popularity in apps. This trend is inspiring and makes everyone love it a lot.

In a “Think Big” viral video, a man said, “You have to think good when you have to think good, you little thinker. You have to think good.” Since then, users have used audio to create their own think big trends on TikTok.

Why is the “Think Big” trend so popular on TikTok?

An inspiring touch on the trend has helped me post several videos on the trend. To date, the hashtag think big has been viewed over 69 million times. But if you want to know where this trend is coming from, it’s from TikTok Larolyn Hayes-Dodd.

Larolyn’s audio came out July 22nd. That’s where it even had the caption “Lesson of the Day”. In addition, the video was so popular that it recorded 4 million views and likes.

@brhannadaniels When I first joined NASCAR, my inner voice began to be heard. I was very nervous about what was to come. true story…😂 #fyp #frisco #nazca #Stewardess #big ink energy #think big #Think Big B #brhannadaniels #first black woman tire changer ♬ Original Sound – Larolyn Hayes-Dodd

User reactions to the “Think Big” trend

Over the years, TikTok has grown really big. This is where the vast user base helped the app’s videos go viral. It doesn’t take much time to make a trend go viral. A similar thing happened with Think Big Trends.

Users loved the sound of thinking out loud. Meanwhile, the inspiring theme used popular sounds to allow users to create their own videos. There are several funny videos about the same trend, but they are gaining popularity.

@ciara Born Wit It 🤣 @litabyciara ♬ Original Sound – Ciara

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