TikTok: TikToker Explains Meaning of ‘Cancel Coda’ As TikToker Insults Another Auto Influencer

TikToker Koda is facing a backlash against insults from other car influencers who popularized the hashtag “Cancel Koda”. Well, over the years, TikTok has too many groups or communities in its app. Users like to sign up and enjoy. However, within these communities, not everything works out all the time. Recently, TikToker Koda has faced a backlash against the move.

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s “Cancel Koda” trend after TikToker faces backlash over insults from car influencers.

Latest update from TikToker Koda

Along with TikTok’s vast user base, it also has a large community of apps. Well, some of the popular communities on the app are known by names like BookTok, ArtistTok, DanceTok, etc. Although there are many more such famous communities.

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These communities allow users to become friends with each other. They also support each other in those communities against bullying and the like. But some of them end up insulting each other.

TikToker insults other car influencers.

TikToker Koda recently insulted the boyfriend of a car influencer with scoliosis. In word of mouth with Koda, she can be heard talking about maces2k’s boyfriend, Sky_z33. In the conversation, she said, “He tried hard to fix himself, but nothing can fix his r******da**.”

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The deleted video included a picture of Sky’s back, along with “Do you think it’s funny? Damn it”. Even Sky later replied, “Or ..you can fuck yourself and I’ll keep doing what I do.” Meanwhile, Coda’s comments are drawing the attention of netizens on TikTok.

“Coda Canceled” Hashtag Trend After Insulting Car Influencer Boyfriend

As soon as TikToker Officialy_wide aka Dalton came out with a video showing Koda’s comments. Meanwhile, on TikTok, the hashtag ‘Cancel Coda’ followed. Meanwhile, Koda’s comments are also fiercely criticized by the app community.

In fact, the hashtag cancelled Koda has over 6 million views. It is still popular in the app. Don’t miss Sky’s video captions. Thank you to each and every one of you for accepting my back.”

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