TikTok: Tortilla trend explained by word of mouth challenge

The craze for the “tortilla” trend is blowing as users of TikTok keep trying one or another trend. Yes, this trend is actually making everyone wonder about it. While people who are already aware of this trend are trying. But just in case you are not aware of this trend. Here we are here to help you know about it.

Read ahead to find out more about whether TikTok’s “tortilla” trend is gaining traction.

TikTok’s tortilla trend is going viral.

Tiktok provides various trends that users can try. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dance challenge or a lip sync trend. TikTok has almost all kinds of trends. However, it is the “tortilla” trend that is back in vogue recently. Well, this trend appeared in early 2021. But again this year as well.

@grace.enlow #tortilla trend #FrunktheBeat #fyp #marriage #couple stick talk #comedy #viral #relation #challenge ♬ Original sound – Grace.enlow

If you feel like a recipe or a cooking trend just by hearing the trend name ‘tortilla’. Then you are completely wrong about that. Meanwhile, the app is gaining a lot of popularity as users encounter it. In fact, it even garnered millions of views.

What is the “tortilla” trend?

In case you haven’t seen this video or forgot about it. If so, this trend is actually mainly about two people. A person who fills his mouth with water in the first place. Then it’s their turn to hit the other. Let no water come out of their mouths.

@mollysmith19 I. crying sound. Hahaha Who would have thought of this? 😂😂 #fyp #for you #tortilla trend ♬ Original Sound – Molly Smith

But wait, there is a reversal in this trend. No need to hit the other side with your hand. Instead, it must be beaten with a tortilla. That’s where this trend is called “tortillas”. Aside from that, this trend is also very popular on TikTok.

User reaction to TikTok’s “tortilla” trend

Users always love the trends and challenges of TikTok, so if it’s not risky to try. This trend of tortillas is also interesting to try and is attracting attention from users. Because users tried this trend with family and friends.

@Sun TikTok food trends make us try all kinds of things (🎥: @jjuliemeek) #tortilla trend #foodtalk #sweet #food #nutella #dessert #Cooking #rapping ♬ Original Sound – Tanner

Besides, even if you don’t even try. Some of TikTok users found it interesting to see this trend. This trend is revived once more on TikTok as it garnered multiple likes and views.

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