TikTok users call for “fraudulent” hospital bills after requesting itemized receipts.

TikTok isn’t always for trends and challenges, but it’s also to share experiences when we saw TikToker showing his hospital bills that looked like a “scam” to a request to provide receipts. Well, videos from TikToker are going viral here and there. While users try to understand the reasons behind the fraudulent bills.

Read ahead to learn more about TikToker showing fraudulent hospital bills on TikTok.

tick talker Viral with fraudulent hospital bills

You may have seen several videos on TikTok. Some are fun and some are challenging and prone. But recently we’ve seen TikToker go viral due to his hospital bills added to the high cost. A famous TikToker by the name of “oh_that’s_just_trey” shared with others that he has his hospital bill that looks like a scam.

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In a video from TikTok, he showed how to cut hospital bills by $3,000. It only happened when he asked for an itemized receipt of the bill at the hospital. He was shocked how he lowered the rate to such a low rate. In fact, he called if it was a hospital scam.

Why is hospital bill fraud so prevalent?

Because hospital bills in US hospitals are really high. Why they are so high has always been a matter of debate. But after a viral video of TikToker showing his hospital bills. Reducing the bill to at least 76% is hard to miss. In fact, a belief has arisen that hospitals charge some bogus fees.

What’s more, one of the TikTok videos even showed how negotiations between insurance companies and hospitals lead to such high rates. This is due to negotiations with the insurance company. High rates also affect uninsured patients. But when asking for a receipt. One may receive a discounted rate bill.

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User reaction to virus scam hospital bill

Tick ​​Talker’s hospital bill fraud video became a hot topic. Users tried to understand why and how it happened. In fact, the way you get itemized bills makes hospital bills cheaper. They are eager to try this on their own next time.

However, TikToker’s original video has already received several likes. It has garnered millions of views so far.

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