TikTok: What is ‘I don’t like this game’? Viral Trend Explained

TikTok is getting everyone caught up in one of the latest trends: “I don’t like this game”. Well, if you’re an active user of TikTok, you certainly haven’t missed this trend. But if you’re new to the “I don’t like this game” trend. Then you are in the right place to know everything about this viral trend that is driving everything crazy.

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s new “I don’t like this game” trend and everything about it.

TikTok finds another surprising trend with “I don’t like this game”.

TikTok is a hub for viral trends and challenges, and it’s undeniably fun to try. Well, we got that trend back in the app, with the viral trend of “I don’t like this game”. This trend is a fun one to try.

@toodirtydom 🤣🙌🏻 #fyp ♬ Original sound – thump

Where this trend really started though has yet to come out. However, we came across one of these trending videos. So far, it has over 15 million views and about 2 million likes.

Why is the “I don’t like this game” trend on TikTok going viral?

The funny trend from I Doesn’t Like This Game of TikTok is one of the popular video shows trying this funny trend. One of the toodirtytom users posted a video on November 10th. You can see him playing a game of tagging other people.

But a fun twist comes into the trend when the guy is about to get caught up in a game of tag. He turned and said, “Stop! I don’t like this game.” Others commented the same and had funny reactions.

@_tarta5_ #duet with @toodirtydom #fyp This will be 13 years old 😂😂 #candycrush10 #comedy #foryoupage #for you ♬ Original sound – thump

User reaction to TikTok’s “I don’t like this game” trend

Users went crazy over the viral TikTok “I don’t like this game” trend. It’s something that makes everyone love it and try it in their own way. Yes, users have tried the trend themselves, but with their own fun twist. It makes others try too.

Meanwhile, toodirtytom’s viral video drew responses from TikTok users. One of our users wrote “Bruh this is really how kid act”. “Kids will want to do this and play again to avoid getting tagged,” another user said.

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