TikTok: What is the “reverse AI filter” trend? How to join and explore the video

TikTok is going crazy with its ‘reverse AI filter’. More and more users are seeing this trend. Well, just in case you haven’t come across this trend yet. If so, here we are, right here with everything you need to know about this trend. So, what is a viral trend “reverse AI filter trend”?

If you want to know TikTok’s new viral inverse AI filter trend, read ahead.

TikTok finds another inverse AI filter trend.

Well, the popularization of TikTok’s AI trend is nothing new. We’ve seen this trend many times before with the use of AI. TikTok, dubbed the inverse AI filter trend, recently got something similar.

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This trend has gained immense popularity on the platform. This is also where many users have tried. This trend is basically a filter that makes the trend go viral as a concept. Create an image using this filter to try. If you haven’t tried this, you can do it here.

Why is TikTok making the reverse AI filter trend a virus?

It is different from other AI trends on TikTok. This TikTok trend, called the inverse AI filter trend, is a little different. A filter trend, this trend creates heavily edited images of the original photo. It looks like some painting.

After that, users post to TikTok. Now, if you try this reverse AI filter trend, it will create posts with the edited image sent first. Next, the user sends the original image to TikTok to show how much the filter edits the photo. Several users have tried and enjoyed this trend so far.

Users’ reactions to the TikTok reverse AI filter trend

TikTok users have always loved AI trends in apps. Sometimes we tend to create an image when we type in a name in TikTok. The app has been hugely popular. Well, there is something similar in this reverse AI filter trend.

Users are attempting this trend by sending edited images created with the inverse AI filter trend. Allow other users to guess the original image. They tried this trend with their friends too.

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