TikTok: What is the Sza cult? PFPs that describe the singer’s facial tendencies

TikTok has recently had another trend driving people crazy and it never goes out of trend as it is a SZA cult trend. Well, you may have come across this trend before, but it was with other artists still riding word of mouth with it. But this time around, another icon is following a similar trend, and that’s American singer SZA. So what is this trend?

Read ahead to learn more about SZA’s cult trends on TikTok.

SZA cult trend goes viral on TikTok

You must have seen many trends on TikTok. Some of them are trends in the form of simple dance steps or lip syncs. However, this new SZA cult trend is a little different from all these trends. In this trend you get people to put SZA’s picture as their profile picture. A fire is burning in the background of the photo.

I usually take standing pictures of SZA in this trend. Where her photos appear in the profiles of everyone trying to trend. While a fire blazes from behind in the background. This trend is actually the creation of SZA fans. Who tried to make her more famous with this trend?

@nathan35468 #sza #worship #fyp #PlutoTVIsFree ♬ Broken Watch – Moises🤍.

The SZA cult trend isn’t the first one to go viral on TikTok.

Lately, TikTok is only looking at the SZA Cult trend. However, she is not the only artist to have gained popularity with this trend. Because she saw a similar trend in Lana Cult. The Lana del Rey cult trend has also sparked a similar craze among users who use Lana’s picture in her profile picture against a blazing fire.

But this time, users thought they should create their own cult trend. So fans of SZA decided to pick SZA’s photos this time around. Undoubtedly, this trend is riding word of mouth on apps. TikTok has another trend that everyone can try.

@onikalacefronts #fyp #sza #szacult ♬ Original sound – Hey hottie😉

Other Similar Crazy Popular Trends tik tok

In addition to the SZA cult trend and the Lana del Rey cult trend, there were several other similar trends. Trends can be crazy times with no other purpose than fun. Another similar trend was the Gentle Minions trend.

But in this trend, people put on suits and went to the theaters to watch movies. There was no logic behind this trend, but people followed it and went viral among TikTok users.

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