TikTok: Who is the Eel Guy? everything you need to know

Tiktok can provide viral content literally anytime, as Eel Pit Guy recently went similarly viral. Although TikTok’s user base has grown significantly. A new TikTok user has become popular as the Eel Pit Guy. But why is that person so word-of-mouth on the app and what makes the app so special?

Read ahead to learn more about Eel Pit Guy, who is buzzing on TikTok for app content.

Eel Pit Guy is going viral on TikTok.

Tiktok has so much content in the app that it is gaining word of mouth among users. The latest app is Eel Pit Guy. It’s not a trend that makes it fashionable. Rather, it is a story about a user who is gaining popularity as an eel at home. Yes, that’s why the name Eel Pit Guy is so popular.

@cowturtle My new home has a future eel pond! #aquarium #fishbowl #fish #fishtalk ♬ Original Sound – Cowgartle

However, the name of the user who actually curses eel is CowTurtle. However, users also called him ‘Eel Guy’ and ‘Eel Daddy’. But what exactly is making his videos go viral on the TikTok app? Here’s what you need to know.

Why did the Eel Pit Guy go viral on the app?

The CowTurtle man shared a video that he actually had a water tank in his new home. The water was full to supply the whole house. But here, when he said he wanted to have the eel, the tank got a twist and it caused word of mouth everywhere.

@cowturtle An eel hole comes out. #eel #eel #fishtalk #aquarium #rare fish #monsterfishkeepers #Aquarium Fish #exotic pet ♬ Original Sound – Cowgartle

After that, the CowTurtle man literally did what he said when he put the eel fish into the tank. Eventually, after this video, it became a huge hit on the TikTok app. It was also popular on the internet. It made everyone see it more.

Users’ reactions to the grilled eel video

When the CowTurtle guy posted a video in the pit where he put eel fish. He even showed the user what the fish looked like. He liked the idea of ​​putting it in a pit. The eel fish was literally hard to miss.

Meanwhile, users also liked the video of the eel. Because they have thousands of comments on his video. Because they wanted to see more. Don’t miss it. Eel Pit Guy’s video also got multiple likes and views for it.

@cowturtle eel pit eel pit eel pit eel pit #elpit #eel #aquarium #leaf tank #fishtalk #aquarium #fishbowl #rivermonsters #monsterfishkeepers #monster fish keeper ♬ Original Sound – Cowgartle

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