TikToker became famous for bringing chickens to fight wolf spiders.

You may have seen users posting cute videos with their pets. TikTok’s latest video shows a user putting a chicken in to fight a wolf spider. Yep, that’s what TikTok’s new video is showing. Since then, the released video has received a lot of love from other users. But what exactly happened between the chicken and the wolf spider?

Read ahead to learn more about the word-of-mouth video of a wolf spider fighting a chicken.

A TikTok video of a chicken fighting a wolf spider is a hot topic.

TikTok has provided a platform for not only humans, but also animals and others for many years. In some cases, you can entertain people. Well, it’s exactly like a TikTok user whose video is getting attention for her chicken-wolf spider fight.

This is what happened when TikTok user Ana Collins saw a scary wolf spider in her kitchen. She thought she couldn’t handle the spider alone. Then she decided to have her own chicken handle it. What happened after that cannot be overlooked.

@annac1331 Wait a minute. After almost stepping on it, I found this wolf spider in the kitchen. I didn’t want to use vacuum. Because it will live in a vacuum. I didn’t want to crush it… therefore… .I… Well. You see.#wolf spider #spider #chicken #my hero ♬ Original Sound – Anna Collins

Chickens beat wolf spiders in viral TikTok video

Ana continued to bring her chicken while the plate kept the wolf spider intact. Then she had her own video of how chickens deal with spiders that she feared. But when the spider first encountered the chicken. The latter seemed uninterested in any battle.

In fact, Ana tried to ask what the chicken was doing because the chicken initially ignored the spider. But later, everything turned out to be what Ana wanted, and there was a quick fight. It was a chicken beating a spider. It makes Ana really happy. In her video everyone saw as Ana on TikTok, she showed everyone how her chickens protect her.

User reaction to viral chicken and wolf spider video

It’s not uncommon to post about two little creatures battling, though. But a viral video showing a chicken and wolf spider is definitely going viral on TikTok. Users loved how chickens beat creepy spiders.

This video shows that it has been viewed more than 5 million times on TikTok. Plus, as more and more users come across this viral video, the fun battle is still going viral.

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