TikToker Hannah Stella breaks up with husband Patrick after 3 years

Tic-talker Hannah Stella has broken up with her husband, Patrick Stella. This is a very hurtful part of Hannah’s life. However, she talked about her breakup with her husband to express her feelings for her decision. But why is she breaking up with her husband?

Read ahead to learn more about Tiktoker Hannah Stella and her divorce from husband Patrick.

Who is Hannah Stella?

Hannah Stella is a woman in her 30s who works as a real estate agent. However, her growing popularity isn’t about her job, it’s about her videos on her social media. She is active on TikTok and her fans are growing day by day.

Hannah currently has over 163,000 followers. Her TikTok video is famous for how she conveys her style and outfit. She is married to Patrick Stella. She rarely shows up with her husband in her TikTok videos. However, Hannah said she had been married to Patrick for three years.

TikTokker Hannah Stella breaks up with husband Patrick Stella

As Hannah Stella went viral for her video on TikTok. Recently, she posted another TikTok video bringing sad news to her fans. Well, in her video, she shared the news of her divorce from her husband, Patrick Stella. The breakup with Patrick is happening after three years of marriage.

In a tearful post, she said it might feel kind to the other person not to show that they want them to be happy. However, it is not right to hide your feelings from a loved one. Don’t forget Patrick was rare in Hannah’s video. Therefore, there is very little information about him on the Internet.


I love you and I hope you will respect him regardless of whether you decide to respect my privacy or not. XX

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Hannah Stella split from husband Patrick Stella

Her tearful post said everything she felt after she decided to part with her husband. She said in her videos that she has always kept her own life private. She didn’t find it admirable or appropriate to share her everything about her own breakup.

In fact, amidst all of this, she didn’t reveal why she broke up with her husband, Patrick Stella. But when the news broke that she was breaking up with Patrick Stella, her video made her feel sad.

Hannah Stella

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