TikToker turns McDonald’s happy meals into pasta

Recently, the number of users of TikTok is increasing as a video of a chef transforming a McDonald’s Happy Meal into pasta became a hot topic. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Undoubtedly, today we are getting a lot of content coming straight from the kitchen. But in every last dish that comes out, there’s something hard to miss.

Read ahead to learn more about the chef’s word of mouth transforming TikTok’s McDonald’s Happy Meal into pasta.

Tik Tok Chef Transformed into McDonald’s Happy Meal Pasta

Clearly, active TikTok users know how quickly content goes viral on TikTok. TikTok has literally all types of content. Some of the amazing content comes from the kitchen. Yes, some recipes have blown everyone’s mind.

It’s like what I got when the chef was recently tasked with turning a McDonald’s Happy Meal into something amazing. Guess what? The chef has succeeded in turning Happy Meal into pasta. The video went viral on TikTok.

@dannygrubs McDonald’s Happy Meal turns into a gourmet ✨ #McDonald’s #foodtalk #food hack ♬ Original sound – Danny Kim

How did the chef turn McDonald’s Happy Meal into pasta?

A viral video of the chef on TikTok shows DannyGrubs reaching out to chef Amy Brandwein for turning McDonald’s Happy Meal into something amazing. Then Amy accepts her challenge and turns the entire Happy Meal into a fine dining meal. Happy Meal had chicken Mc Nuggets, apple pie, french fries and sweet and sour sauce.

She took Mc Nuggets, fries and apple pie for the pasta filling. Then she had tortellini pasta, made using the filling. She made the toppings with leftover apple pie crumbs and sweet-and-sour sauce after last frying. The last dish after that was just a thrill.

User reaction to chef turning McDonald’s Happy Meal into pasta

Just like the chef turned the entire McDonald’s into pasta. Users couldn’t believe it when they saw all this turn into something they didn’t expect. In fact, the chef’s word-of-mouth video provoked a reaction from everyone.

As if most users praise the chef’s creativity in cooking. Many people could not believe the change in diet.

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