TikToker went viral after claiming that different sized Starbucks cups hold the same amount of drink.

The Starbucks cup size controversy drew a lot of attention on social media, and since then, Tic Talker has been drawing attention again with the claim that it has been notified of the suspension. Well, because social media is always making one or the other go viral. This time, TikToker is back and has created a lot of buzz.

Read ahead to learn more about the Starbucks cup size controversy and TikToker on it.

Starbucks cup size controversy floating around the internet

If you’ve ever seen a Starbucks video where TikToker explains how the beverage giant cheats customers. You may have seen how TikToker showed off three different cup sizes from Starbucks. But the most shocking part was pouring drinks into the other two large cups.

His video shows how all his cups hold the same amount of drink. This video was actually posted by a TikToker named Sueco. Sueco is also a rapper by profession. His video was meant to show how Starbucks was cheating on its customers. This particular video actually shocked everyone. spreading across the internet.

tick talker Sueko claimed that Starbucks had sent him a cease-fire notice.

After Sueco’s viral video showing how Starbucks cheated on customers. Again we see him this time with a new argument. Yes, this time they claim to have received a notice of suspension over the Starbucks cup size controversy.

@sueco @Starbucks ♬ Salt – Sueko

Sueko shared a video on TikTok that she had been ordered to stop by Starbucks. The letter that followed said he was spreading fake, defamatory and destructive rumors about Starbucks. Not only that, they want to comply with the abort order. Otherwise, you may be sued for defamation. You can also completely delete your social media accounts.

Sueco’s reaction to Starbucks cup size controversy

This sparked controversy over Sueco’s Starbucks cup size. We did a duet on TikTok and one side had Sueco’s video playing. Another video showed Starbucks employee Jill Ellis.

Elysse showed in the video that Sueco’s claims were unfounded. But later, Sueco said so, even after the entire Starbucks controversy. He also interviewed at TMZ. However, there was no such video from TMZ Online.

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