TikToker went viral after lightning struck her house.

A video of Tik Tokker is becoming a hot topic when she shows her house being struck by lightning while inside the house. However, such events are rare. However, such incidents are less often recorded on video. Well, that’s exactly what happened with TikToker. As she finished documenting the aftermath of her incident.

Read ahead to learn more about the video of the viral tiktoker when lightning strikes her house.

Tiktoker’s house was struck by lightning.

Tiktok has a lot of fun and entertaining content. But sometimes it also shows shocking content. What could be a sign of nature. This is what happened when TikTokker Chriss toured the house and recorded it.

While she was in the house, the omen of nature struck her house badly. Lightning struck her house, severely damaging parts of her house. Fortunately, however, Chris was safe when lightning struck the house he was traveling to. The aftermath was also in her video.

What’s going on at TikTokker’s house?

The tiktoker was recording a video while touring her home. But while she was at the entrance to head to the living room. Orange lights of lightning covered the windows of the house. From the inside, there was no damage to be seen except for the light shining through the window.

But as soon as she comes out to find out what happened. She could see the debris coming from the lightning hitting part of the house. The trash was next to the door of the house. Another video she later shared showed the damage caused by the lightning. Because even her car had some debris on it.

User reactions to the lightning bolt TikTokker’s house

The incident captured by the camera must have been hard to believe even for users. But it happened and the video provided evidence. As a result, users were forced to comment on the TikTok video that became a hot topic on TikTok.

In fact, some users even said that Tic Talker was lucky. Because she might have been bad for her. Some believed it was a divine sign.

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