Tillian Pearson leaves Dance Gavin’s dance band on shocking charges

Following recent sexual harassment allegations, Dance Gavin Dance announced on Friday (June 3) that vocalist Tilian Pearson would be leaving the rock band to “seek professional help.”

“We take the recent allegations against Tilian very seriously and have had deep conversations about the correct course of action,” the statement posted on Instagram said. “Tilian is currently leaving the band to seek professional help.”

According to a Reddit user, Tilian slapped her in the face and refused to accept the ‘boundaries’ she had set. “I was now comfortable enough to finish what I started, but at some point this dude decided to slap me straight in the face,” the user explained. Following this, two more people posted their accounts on Reddit, claiming to be the 34-year-old main vocalist of Dance Gavin Dance.

Tilian Pearson Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations

During a sexual encounter with Tilian Pearson, a Reddit member said she was ‘numbed’. She went on to say that the singer did not respect the barrier. exactly. I was paralyzed. I was afraid of what would happen if I counterattacked harder.” A Reddit user said that when she asked Tilian about the incident the next day, she didn’t respond because she would “get involved with him”, she said.

Surprisingly, Tilian Pearson chose to answer these allegations of sexual harassment. Previously, he had issued a statement denying any incidents were violent. According to Loudwire, “I take the sexual assault issue very seriously and I want to make it clear that in no case did nothing happen without my consent. “I’m grateful that we have time to get to know each other’s tastes in a new sexual relationship, but physical contact has never crossed the line of violence.”

What actually happened?

On June 1, a Reddit user documented an interaction with Pearson at SwanFest in Sacramento, California, weeks before Dance Gavin Dance performed on April 23rd. She claims to have contacted Pearson via her Instagram DM. under the influence of something.”

According to her story, the two exchanged phone numbers three days before the festival and agreed to meet and ‘date’. She said she and Pearson were both intoxicated when they returned to the singer’s home.

“I knew I was going through a difficult time because I was drunk, so I offered to help, and I was really grateful.” “Now I felt comfortable enough to finish what I started, but this man decided to slap me in the face in one shot,” she claimed. “Obviously the intention was to seduce, but in the end it hurt a lot.” I was like, ‘Hey, um. it’s okay. But why don’t you ask again next time and make it too difficult?’ He listened to me and paused for a moment before repeating the action. It messed up my hearing and was hard enough to stun me for a few seconds.

The woman claimed that she and Pearson remained in touch after SwanFest and once forced her to meet her on Airbnb while the singer was intoxicated. Pearson said he made the woman physically uncomfortable.

Pearson denied the charges, stating in a Reddit post obtained by Loudwire that he was “extremely vulnerable” during the charges and that “any sexual activity is full consent.”

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