Tom Brady joins Fox: Erin Andrews, Julian Edelman, Bill Simmons, and more

One. Early Monday morning, Fox announced that Tom Brady would become chief NFL analyst when he retires. Monday afternoon, New York PostAndrew Machand of (who will be on SI Media Podcast this thursday) reported that Brady’s Fox contract was 10 years, $375 million.

As GOAT dominated the news cycle, reactions to both news were quick and furious throughout the day.

Brady’s future side-by-side reporter Erin Andrews shared an Instagram story that showed how excited Brady was to join the Fox team.

Former Brady teammate Julian Edelman made fun of the fact that Brady isn’t likely to be retiring for long.

that much post It came out with a strong back page on Wednesday.

according to mediaPatriots fan Bill Simmons was very confused about the Brady-Fox marriage.

“I think it’s one of the most chaotic media moments in recent sports media history,” Simmons said. “Nothing makes sense, including where he can play for two more years.”

Simmons went on to say: “As someone who sincerely appreciates all the great things Brady has done for my life over the past few years, I got all these Super Bowls and all these fun moments. He seems to be just taking the next step since his last playoff game.”

“Now he is ready for a 10-year TV career. He told us how he wants to spend time with his family. Had I been his media PR advisor, I wouldn’t have known what to do. I think I’m just going to resign,” Simmons added.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Jalen Rose also appeared embarrassed by Brady’s money.

As always, Chris Long has good reviews.

There were many other interesting reactions to this news.

2. Speaking of SimmonsLike Draymond Green a few weeks ago, Joel Embiid was also wrong about the interpretation Simmons said “F— Jalen Green” in one of his competitions. ringer podcast episodes. Obviously these people haven’t heard of it or seen the full quote on the context.

three. This is the greatest scoreboard bio to ever appear in a major league baseball game.

4. A’s second baseman Tony Kemp made a crazy catch against the White Sox yesterday, but his reaction was more fun than the catch.

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Even better, it’s in GIF format.

5. As a huge fan of WWE’s Attitude Era (and The Rock), I’m really looking forward to this book by former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz. If you are a faithful listener to wrestle with From the podcast, we know just how influential he was in WWE when Gewirtz experienced a boom in popularity.

Gewirtz shares his experience working with WWE for over 15 years. There’s only one problem… The real story of what was once the 7th most influential person in WWE August 16th.

Gewirtz is currently SVP of Development at Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions and was the youngest and longest-serving headwriter in WWE history after Johnson offered to join the company as a writer when Gewirtz was 26.

gerbitz book

6. this week Sports Illustrated Media Podcast Here’s a conversation with Katie Nolan participating in the MLB coverage on Apple TV+.

Nolan understands how she came to work with Apple, what Apple is trying to achieve with its broadcast, and that existing MLB fans may not get a coverage, how she prepares for each game, and what she does with Apple. After reading the backlash against it, we talk about a time of silence for several innings. social media.

Nolan also talks about the time she spent at ESPN, what she enjoyed working there, whether she thought ESPN could use her, and what she learned about exploring the sports media business.

The podcast ends with the weekly “Traina Thoughts” segment featuring New York’s WFAN Radio and SNY TV’s Sal Licata. Jimmy and Sal recently read this week. SI Media Podcast Apple reviews and discusses whether Kevin Harlan gave his best performances at Turner Sports, the NFL brings the game exclusively to ESPN+, and more.

You can listen to or download the podcast below. apologize, spotify And Google.

7. Random video of the day: First edition of WWF Saturday night main event Debut on this date in 1985 The intro featuring Vince McMahon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura was amazing.

certainly Catching up with the last edition of Traina Thought and check out Sports Illustrated Media Podcast Hosted by Jimmy Traina apologize, spotify or Google. You can also follow Jimmy. Twitter, Instagram And Tik’s tock.


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