tom jones are you okay? Investigating Jones’ health problems

Popular Welsh musician Tom Jones denied allegations of his collapse and medical aid in a recent social media post. Some rumors said Tom had collapsed prior to his show. Tom deleted everything from his own post. In fact, he revealed why his show was canceled. Because he’ll be performing for everyone again on tour this summer soon.

If you want to know more about denying claims that Tom John collapses before the show, read ahead.

Tom Jones is on a Surrounded By Time tour.

During the season of travel and festivals. We even got Tom Jones to announce his Surrounded By Time tour. It will happen this year. It will actually happen this year on his tour. His European and American tours have around 50+ dates.

Among them, he will perform in Germany, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway and Belgium. However, due to health issues, the tour schedule seems to have changed. But before that, Tom had already heard rumors about him.

There are rumors around Tom Jones that Tom Jones has fallen.

While the rumors leave no one behind. Recently Tom Jones went through a similar situation. Tom was due to perform at the Budapest show this Tuesday. However, it was canceled due to Tom’s health issues.

However, as the show was canceled, new rumors circulated that Tom collapsed an hour before performing at the concert. This caused his show at the MVM Dome in the Hungarian capital to be canceled. Well, now Tom worked out all those arguments himself.

Tom Jones, wife collapsed before concert in Budapest

Rumors of the cancellation were due to Tom’s collapse before the Budapest show. But now Tom has cleared up the rumors in his social media posts. He denied the collapse.

tom jones

He also revealed that the concert was canceled due to his diagnosis of ‘viral laryngitis’. Because doctors offered him to cancel the show. Currently, however, Tom’s website is marking August 16th as the new date for the MVM Dome show. Because even Tom has expressed his desire to continue his tour.

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