TommyInnit is rumored to be dating Olive Sleepy along the lovely stream.

TommyInnit’s private life has always been a topic of interest for his followers. But this time, fans are confused as to whether he’s dating fellow streamer Olive Sleepy.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Are Tommyinnit and Olive sleepy dating?

Almost two years have passed since Tommyinnit said he was ‘too powerful’ to have a girlfriend, but his latest Minecraft stream says otherwise.

The dating rumors began after a July 11th Twitter thread where Olive Sleepy shared a sarcastic meme on the platform.

Tommy said in the comments section, ‘Greetings from the new Transcendental Meditation woman. Please start Minecraft.’

To this, Sleepy responded to his Twitter account with the caption, ‘New boyfriend TM, Let’s DO IT’.

Additionally, Tommy recently shared a new stream on Twitch that sparked speculation about his dating life.

On July 13th, a streamer posted a video titled ‘Minecraft Challenge with a New Girlfriend’.

In the video, the two streamers are playing around while exploring the virtual world together.

Tommy and Sleepy also role-played as a fictional couple, playfully arguing while streaming.

Naturally, fans are cheering for Tommy and Sleepy’s dating rumors to be true. Followers enjoyed each other’s chemistry and interaction more.

It is unknown whether they are actually meeting each other or whether it is simply a video for viewers.

Who is Olive Sleepy?

Olive Sleepy is a 21-year-old live streamer who frequently joins the social live streaming network Twitch. According to their social media bios, they use pronouns.

According to their YouTube channel, they are currently pursuing a law degree.

A look at Sleepy’s message to Tommy on Twitter reveals that the two share a close bond.

Fans react to Tommyinnit and Olive Sleepy’s dating

After only seeing the title of Tommy’s latest stream, several fans took to Twitter and Twitch to share their feelings and confusion.

One user said, ‘Sorry. Does Tommyinnit actually have a girlfriend? are you dating like that?? I’m so confused I haven’t seen the stream yet.’

Another fan commented, ‘The fact that Tommyinnit got a girlfriend before it really made me reevaluate my life.’

Someone said, ‘Tommy has a girlfriend!! Wow, the impossible is possible.’

Another fan said, ‘You have to dot to Tommy! you have to go [email protected] Didn’t your girlfriend tell you :O @olive_sleepy teach him lmao.’



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