Tomorrow’s Fully Payable Teams: Lamar Jackson, Deebo Samuel and Nick Bosa Ready to Monetize

  • Estimated APY: over $27 million
  • After Free Contract: 2022

“Deebocoming” had to penetrate the minds of the defensive coordinators tasked with stopping the NFL’s most versatile offensive threat last season. The 2021 first-team All-Pro rose to stardom with 1,770 scrimmage yards and 14 touchdowns. As he enters the final season of his rookie contract, Samuel has expressed interest in the trade. He is not attending any voluntary movements this week. His warning about his use is understandable given the short shelf life of many handoff players in the NFL.

A pillar of both efficiency and self-sufficiency, Samuel became the first player to lead the NFL in yards per solicitation (18.2) and catches per solicitation (10.1) in the same season (since the latter was tracked in 1992. At least 50 reps) ). If you really want to explain his versatility, join me in painting. Samuel finished 2021 with eight rushing touchdowns, six runs and one pass. Who is the only other player in NFL history to have reached each of these thresholds? 1965 Gale Sayers Hall of Fame (14 dashes, 6 receiving, 1 pass). For a near-home comparison, 49ers icon Jerry Rice had a season with more scrimmage yards than Samuel in 2021 (1,884 in 1995). Samuel, the team’s best running bag and wide receiver, was the catalyst for Kyle Shanahan’s success. violation. He caught six carry in his first eight games, but averaged 7.3 carry per game in his last 11 games, including the playoffs. Last season, Samuel became the only player in NFL history to record more than 1,400 receiving yards and more than 300 rushing yards in the same season, and had more rushing touchdowns (8) than any other wide receiver in NFL history.

Any team, 49ers or not, will very well reward Samuel’s second contract. Using AJ Brown’s Eagles deal ($25 million a year) as the floor of the deal seems like a fair starting point.

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