‘Tomorrow’s ketchup bottle’ is obviously made of paper.

Kraft Heinz decided that “tomorrow’s ketchup bottle” would be made out of paper.

The company says it has partnered with Pulpex. Explicate(Opens in a new window) “A new packaging technology company with one mission: to provide sustainability through renewable packaging” to develop a bottle of Heinz ketchup made from wood pulp instead of plastic.

“Current data from Pulpex indicates that the carbon footprint of Pulpex bottles is substantially lower on a per bottle basis than glass and plastics,” said Kraft Heinz. say(Opens in a new window) in the press release. “Once used, it is expected to be widely and easily recycled in paper waste streams.”

The company will develop a prototype for the “performance evaluation” of the Pulpex bottle. This is probably meant to keep the wood pulp from leaking or giving off unwanted odors. If the prototype passes the mustard… well, we’ll ship this bottle to the consumer.

Kraft Heinz said the partnership with Pulpex “is in line with our goal of having all packaging materials recycled, reused or composted globally by 2025” and will help Kraft Heinz achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 . (Assuming, of course, that the bottle works as intended.)

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