Train Like Beckham: Workouts are modeled after the soccer icon’s routine.

Coral Gables, Florida (AP) — David Beckham first got gas when he led a class on his new 45-minute workout routine. He pushed out the intense finisher that Gunnar Peterson insisted on adding to the programming and made a pitiful apology.

“I went back to class and said, ‘I’m sorry. Sorry. It was really hard,'” Beckham said. “And they said, ‘No, it was great.’ So I was obviously the only one who got over it.”

Beckham, along with renowned trainer Peterson, built the DB45, and the program debuted this week at F45 Training’s nearly 1,800 studios in 67 countries. Peterson is the athletics director of the F45, a franchise gym model sponsored by Mark Wahlberg.

Peterson teamed up with Beckham to create a movement that incorporates elements of the regimen used by the 47-year-old global icon to this day. It’s been nearly a decade since Beckham’s last professional game, but he’s maintained his physique and is in top shape in every way.

Beckham regularly records his fitness routines on social media and creates the DB45, giving the average athlete the opportunity to train like one of football’s biggest stars.

“It definitely fits what I’ve been doing in my career and some workouts,” Beckham told AP during a DB45 demonstration at the F45 Training Coral Gables the day after attending Formula One’s first race in Miami.

“Our community isn’t about athletes, so we don’t tailor anything to any particular sport or athlete. Yes, some former players come to the F45, but this is not just for elite athletes.”

Okay, so you won’t be able to bend like Beckham at the end of class. But the Associated Press can prove that the movement is no joke. The reporter took the DB45 with Beckham twice in the same week it was released: at the Coral Gables location and at the F45 Training South Park in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Classes in Florida were terrifying. A soccer-inspired, fast-paced 11-station cardio class filled with influencers and led by popular F45 instructors Cory George and Morgan Mitchell was dizzying. As George and Mitchell made their way through the station, two DJs played in the back of the room, using external voices to enthusiastically encourage the participants.

It moves fast and uses Beckham’s jersey numbers 32 and 23. The exercise is done in two sets at each station, the first for 32 seconds and the second for 23 seconds. After all 11 stations are complete, it is repeated a second time.

The workout is set up like a 4:4:2 football formation in the studio, and somewhere between “defender” functional resistance stations 2-5 and “midfield” agility based stations 6-9, a publicist thankfully called me in and gave me a speech. Beckham and Peterson are next to each other.

I finished a role out of breath and sweating. Who would do this exercise regularly?

Peterson said, “Those who want to know what an athlete actually goes through should do a workout that prepares you for not just football or soccer, but all sports and all that life throws at you.” AP. He claims that anyone can improve their overall well-being by following an elite program like Beckham.

When Peterson thought the DB45 was complete, Beckham said it still lacked something.

Beckham smiled, saying, “You must do a finisher.”

When the “Extra Time” closure of number 7 on Coral Gables started, I missed half of the class talking to Beckham and Peterson and finished most of them except for Reverse Burpee. So I went back to class in Charlotte once a week as part of the F45 four-week program on the regularly scheduled Wednesdays.

There were no DJs on regular Wednesday nights and the classes weren’t full of influencers or Beckhams. But the people who took DB45 there were obviously gym enthusiasts. Studio owner Jay Moose brought his wife Becca to his second class that day.

From the moment Beckham greeted the participants with a video message, the energy was still the same throughout the class. When “Extra Time” starts, almost everyone is gasping for breath. Then comes the seal jacks, jump squats and wide mountain climbers. If that’s the way David Beckham works, it’s no wonder he looks like a fit for Inter Miami, a co-owned major league football team.

“It’s a lot of the workout I enjoyed and some of the workouts I didn’t enjoy,” Beckham told The Associated Press. “There is a lunge. I hated lunges. We have lunges here. So this is not a movement of things I’ve loved throughout my career. Those are the things I actually had to do.”


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