Trans Ideology Has Ruined Gay Activism Credibility: Stonewall Founders

One of the co-founders of the far-left LGBTQ charity Stonewall has denounced the group for distrusting the equality movement by embracing far-left ideologies about transgender people, including arguing that there are no differences in male and female bodies.

According to Simon Fanshawe OBE, one of six founders of the group in 1989, Stonewall’s LGBTQ activists lost their intrigue. Fanshawe, an openly gay man who has been campaigning for equal rights in the UK for decades, said herself and others: You benefit from interacting with people with different opinions.

In contrast, Stonewall’s co-founders have accused current trans activists of treating their ideology as “non-negotiable.”

“There is a risk that Stonewall’s reputation and credibility will be compromised by trans activists (not all trans) who believe they can dictate what everyone can say and think.” fan show wrote at daily mail.

“A small number of activists, including those who took control of Stonewall, don’t want to extend that dignity and generosity to the rest of the population,” he said.

“Equality for them means imposing their views on everyone else without argument. It is a matter of concern for anyone who believes that freedom of the press is blasphemy.”

Fanshawe said his “chin hit the floor” on Stonewall’s ‘Head of Trans included’., Kirin Medcalp, 24, said “The body is essentially neither male nor female,” the court said in court on Tuesday. They are just their bodies.”

In a discrimination lawsuit filed by lawyer Allison Bailey against an LGBTQ charity, the activist alleges that the garden court in her room was wielded by her law firm’s adviser, Stonewall, to cut her salary. And she worked after criticizing her transgender ideology.

Medcalp, 24, who refused to testify without a “service dog” with her mother earlier this week, argued that Bailey’s opposition to trans ideology “put transgender people at risk of bodily harm”.

Stonewall co-founders responded to the allegations by saying:[p]People like Kirrin Medcalf imagine that reality can be reconstructed to suit your needs.

“The difference of opinion is portrayed as a physical threat. According to Medcalf, any transgender person who meets Bailey is at risk of attack. This is a completely imaginary scenario.”

In May of last year, Liz Truss (current Foreign Minister), then Attorney General called The government has decided to end its relationship with Stonewall over its increasingly radical stance on transgender people.

Despite being dominated by the so-called Conservative Party, over 250 government agencies have paid Stonewall to “educate” on issues like gender pronouns.

Despite Truss’s request to stop funding far-left charities, the Foreign Ministry, which she now heads, said: establish In January, it provided Stonewall with £3/4m between 2020 and 2021.

During this period, the government provided a total of £1.2 million in taxpayer money to charities.

Organizations of LGBTQ activists have found frequent clashes with other seemingly progressive voices in the UK, such as: Harry Potter Author JK Rowling, On the issue of women, Stonewall ridiculed critics such as TERFs (trans-exclusive radical feminists).

Simon Fanshawe argued that Stonewall should not minimize the concerns of women who oppose transgender participation in women-only sports or sending biological men to women-only spaces such as changing rooms and bathrooms.

Fanshawe wrote, “Women who have a voice, including highly regarded women like JK Rowling and Martina Navratilova, are violently told to shut up.”

“It often feels like the transgender debate has taken us back to a pre-feminist era. Women have often been treated as vulgar creatures with nothing to contribute to social discourse.”

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