Travis Scott’s Coney Island concert saw a man in a Spider-Man costume climbing a truss.

Travis Scott’s July 4 performance at Coney Island, New York, had to be stopped after several concert audiences expanded the metal truss framework. Video from the The Day Party event at Coney Art Walls showed three participants climbing a truss, one of whom tumbled upside down on a structure and played a dangerous prank.

Scott paused the performance of his song “Anecdote” and asked the audience to leave the building. The music for the song was later turned off entirely as the rapper continued to urge the crowd to leave the building and return to the permitted viewing area.

Scott’s actions follow last year’s multiple accusations that the rapper was irresponsible for the Astroworld Concert. Many said Scott continued to perform at the Houston Texas Music Festival in 2021 despite people being crushed by their feet. Ten concert audiences lost their lives and many were injured.

A man dressed as Spider-Man was seen climbing up a truss during Travis Scott’s Coney Island performance.

In the concert video, at least three concert audiences can be seen standing on a metal truss frame around the stage. According to reports, one of the people who expanded the building was wearing a Spider-Man costume. A person is lying upside down on the truss, increasing the risk to safety.

Contrary to the behavior reported at the controversial Astroworld concert eight months ago, Travis Scott hastily finished the show. In one of the videos recorded during a Coney Island performance, the 31-year-old Houston native ordered followers to “get down” from the structure midway through the show.

Travis Scott also heard him say in one of the videos:

“Aye yo, my brother, my brother. Make sure you’re okay with it, bro. Can you hear me?”

He could also hear the audience extend the truss saying:

“If that shit breaks down, hyung, the atmosphere is bad. You don’t need it right now… You must come down. You must come down.”

He also asked for the welfare of the viewers in the video. If it’s okay, Mamasita rapper asked me to “Damn”. Travis Scott asked the audience to take a step back before the show resumed. The show resumed when everyone who climbed the truss scaffolding came down from the structure.

Internet reaction to Coney Island Travis Scott concert incident

When the video of the incident went viral online, netizens mocked it and linked it to the Astro World disaster. Some even described the crowd climbing the truss as “crazy.”

One person tweeted. @ConcertsByRap Actually, we get our knowledge from our mistakes.

Another user said they don’t want the same results that Bro had tried out loud before.

One said, “Good job, learn from your mistakes.”

Another said Travis Scott stopped performing last night on Coney Island because two fans were hanging from a truss. One individual dressed up as Spider-Man. Travis seems to have learned a lesson from the criticism of the Astroworld Festival.

Some have claimed that Scott learned an obvious error at the Astroworld concert. Meanwhile, some criticized attendees for failing to learn a lesson from the fatal rapper concert in 2021.

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