Trevor Bauer Appeal of MLB 324 Game Suspension Begins May 23

Trevor Bauer Ends Major League Baseball Appeal Hearing His 324 game suspension According to an official who is directly aware of the situation, it is scheduled to start on Monday, May 23.

The person told USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity as the details of the hearing were not disclosed.

bauer received a record two-year suspension. MLB was kicked out of MLB in April last year on charges of violating its domestic violence policy for assaulting a San Diego woman.

Bauer hasn’t pitched since June and initially took administrative leave from MLB in July, during which time he was paid by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Bauer said in a statement after the Major League Baseball (MLB) suspended that he “denies in the strongest possible terms a violation of the league’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy.” “I expect to appeal and win this action. During this process, I and my representative will respect the confidentiality of the process.”

Bauer is to appear before the mediator of baseball, Martin Scheinman of New York, unless Bauer agrees in advance.

Scheinman is baseball’s current arbitrator panel chairman and is the fourth “permanent” impartial arbitrator in baseball since 2012 after three other layoffs, including his predecessor Mark Irvings, who was ousted from the MLB commissioner’s office in 2020.

“Difficult Cases” Irvings told USA TODAY Sports., refers to the typical amount of work for a task. “They are at risk. Expectations from both sides are high. You have to be available to them and they have the potential for high visibility. So it’s more stressful than most.”

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