Trisha Paytas has put an end to rumors that she named her baby after the queen.

Trisha Paytas has cleared the clouds of rumors that she has named her baby Elizabeth in honor of the late Queen. Well, the world was a dark day. When Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch, died on September 8 at the age of 96. While everyone mourns the death of her queen. Rumors started circulating on the Internet that Trisha Paytas named her baby Elizabeth. However, she closed the rumor that she would name her baby her Elizabeth after the death of her queen.

Read ahead to learn more about how Trisha Paytas blocked rumors that she named the baby after Queen Elizabeth II.

Rumors of Tricia Peitas, who Queen Elizabeth II gave her baby a name

On September 8 this year, Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, died at Balmoral Castle. Her death was a great loss for the country and the world as well. We got everyone to pay tribute to her late queen. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her eldest son, Charles III, succeeded to the throne.

Well, amidst all of this we had rumors around Trisha Paytas that she named the baby after Queen Elizabeth II. Rumors that Trisha had given the baby the name Elizabeth quickly spread everywhere. YouTuber himself clarified everything.

Trisha Paytas closed rumors that she named the baby Elizabeth.

Trisha Paytas is expecting their first child with husband Moses Hacman. YouTuber will soon embrace her motherhood. She’s been active on social media these days, updating all her fans about her pregnancy journey. But amid all this, she learned that there were rumors that she had named her own baby Elizabeth.

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She was forced to use social media to clear the clouds. Rumors have been dismissed that Trisha Paytas named her baby after the late Queen Elizabeth II. She said on her social media that she is still pregnant and has not named her baby after Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away this week.

More About Trisha Paytas on Rumors

Trisha Paytas shared a TikTok video a day after Queen Elizabeth II died. In her video, she said it was odd that her name was associated with a ‘great tragedy’.

It was disappointing to her that people she knew began to congratulate her after these rumors. Meanwhile, her all aside, Trisha Paytas is very excited that she will soon become her mom.

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