tron [TRX] Justin Sun spends time in the sun with some excitement about USDD.

TRON at the time of writing [TRX] It was the 14th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. $0.07722. The coin was green, rising 4.52% per day and 9.38% last week, despite most major assets struggling to come out of the deficit.

What is the secret or secret behind success?

Does the sun rise?

TRON founder Justin Sun has been promoting TRON’s total value pinning on Twitter over the past few days. In fact, TRON’s TVL rose nearly 19% in just one day, reaching $5.17 billion and taking third place.

On the other hand, price and TVL are not everything. According to Santiment data, development activity on the network recently declined again while TRON investors celebrated.

source: Santiment

I could get USDD on this

Sun was also not shy about promoting the TRON algorithm stablecoin USDD. [USDD]. Also on May 23rd, Sun joked that the stablecoin’s market cap could reach “6B” sometime “tomorrow”. Although unlikely, it has generated hope and excitement overall.

At the time of reporting, USDD has a market cap of $463,104,423 and the asset ranks 94 by market cap.

According to data from Santiment, USDD’s market cap increased by over $50 million in the last day. This is also one reason behind the rally in TRX. However, it should be noted that between May 11th and 13th, USDD also temporarily broke out of lockdown and fell to a price of $0.98.

USDD USDD 12.14.39 23 May 2022

source: Santiment

Return to the TRON version

However, returning to TRX, keep in mind that despite the rally, most users who bought assets just before May 11 are still losing money.

But where can asset prices go next? Relative Volatility Index [RVI] It registered a value just below 50, indicating that future volatility could drive the price down.

But the Awesome Oscillator [AO] A blinking green bar above the zero line signals bullish pressure on the asset.

TRXUSD 2022 05 23 12 25 45

Source: TradingView

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