Trump once asked aides if China has developed a ‘hurricane gun’ that could be used against the United States.

  • Former aides said Trump had once asked if China had weapons capable of shooting man-made hurricanes.
  • “It was too stupid to put into words,” a former Trump official told Rolling Stone.
  • Trump has also previously suggested that the US launch nuclear weapons to disrupt the hurricane’s path.

Former President Donald Trump said he once thought that China had weapons that could launch man-made hurricanes at the United States. rolling stone Article published on Tuesday.

The media reported interest in the matter to two senior Trump administration officials and former spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham.

Two sources, interviewed by Rolling Stone on the condition of anonymity, said Trump began asking aides in his first year in office about weapons believed to be Chinese weapons, and the issue continued to re-emerge into his second year.

Some employees later mocked Trump’s idea as a “hurricane gun” theory.

According to officials, Trump asked if the US could retaliate militarily if it had such a weapon, Rolling Stone reported.

“I was there once when China asked us if we had ‘manufactured’ a hurricane,” a former official said. “Trump wanted to know if this technology existed.”

“A man in the room answered, ‘Not as far as I know.’ I kept it with me until I got back to the office… I don’t know where the president heard that,” the former official told Rolling Stone. . “He must have been asking about it a little bit before he asked people about nuclear strikes on hurricanes.”

“It was too stupid to put it into words,” another former official told a media outlet. “I never understood what he was joking around.”

Grisham told Rolling Stone that the idea of ​​Trump asking about China’s “hurricane gun” didn’t surprise her.

“It wasn’t unusual for him to do that. He was always going crazy and told his aide to investigate it or act on it,” Grisham said according to the outlet. “His staff will tell you that they often know that he forgets as quickly as a child.”

A Trump spokesperson did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on the matter.

The former president will someday Possibility of using nuclear weapons to prevent hurricanes hitting AmericaPostulated without scientific evidence that the United States could “drop bombs” into the eyes of hurricanes and impede their course.

Trump’s allegations are unfounded. Climate change was China’s trickThis sparked a strong backlash in Beijing in 2016.

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