Trump Says No, Elon Musk Buys Twitter Now

The owners of Twitter’s biggest “conservative” social media competitor are weighing in on Friday’s big Elon Musk announcement.

Trump Thinks Elon Musk Won’t Buy Twitter Now
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Former President Donald Trump posted a statement on his alternative social platform, True Social, in response to a tweet that Tesla’s CEO was planning to acquire Twitter.Hold.

“There’s no way Elon Musk would buy Twitter at such an outrageous price,” Trump said, adding that “especially because he’s realizing that Twitter is a company based on bots from spam accounts.” “Who’s fake?”

On Friday morning, Musk shared an article covering Twitter’s quarterly report. Specifically, we shared an article focusing on Twitter’s estimate that less than 5% of Twitter users are actually spam bots and fake accounts. Musk, along with Link, said it was pausing the “pending details” acquisition that supports this data.

Musk had previously been aware of Twitter’s spam problem and said one of his planned goals after acquiring Twitter was to try and fix the problem. Trump also mentioned the spam problem in his comments.

“By the time you get rid of them, if that’s possible, what do you have? Not many?” said the former president.

Trump tweeted that Musk’s contract with Musk would cost him $1 billion if he broke the deal, adding that “Elon would be gone long ago if it hadn’t been for the outrageous $1 billion dismantling cost.” said

Trump’s Truth Social launched in February and initially struggled with related issues. plummeting trafficlong waiting list to join, low engagement. The former president himself did not even begin to regularly publish to the site. this month.

Musk is one of the recent users reinstate It will be Trump himself on Twitter. But Trump has previously insisted that he won’t sign up again, even if his account is reactivated. the former president says exclusively We will use truth social. By that time, True Social downloads had skyrocketed, proving that Trump is probably a draw to conservative social media users.

And given that context, Trump’s post makes a lot more sense. A popular conservative Twitter user reported: large influx New followers on news that Musk will take over Twitter in April. Musk’s claims of reclaiming banned accounts and easing Twitter’s content moderation policies have proven very attractive to right-wing users looking for alternative platforms to social media services. If Musk’s deal actually works and conservatives decide to rejoin Twitter as a social platform, that could pose new challenges to Trump’s fledgling social network.

Trump will have to walk a fine line between sparring with his rivals without offending the conservative users who have recently begun to slam Musk. Trump to Musk back off This is probably the best scenario.

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