Trump supported a Georgia lawmaker who toured the Capitol the day before the revolt.

  • former president donald erase Approved Georgia Senator Barry Lauder Milk for Congress.
  • On January 6, the committee sent a letter Thursday asking Loudermilk to respond to an investigation.

Former President Donald Trump sent “full and complete support” to Congressman Barry Laudermilk of Georgia, who is being investigated by the committee on January 6th.

“Rep. Barry Laudermilk is a fantastic Congressman for the amazing people of District 11, Georgia,” Trump said. Hill looking.

“A veteran of the US Air Force, Barry has been working to reduce the size and scope of the federal government by helping veterinarians, growing the economy, lowering oil prices, securing borders, defending the Second Amendment, and holding the federal government accountable for its unacceptable performance. Working hard – just like we did in VA’s responsibility! Barry Loudermilk has my full and full support!”

On January 6, the House Selection Committee to investigate the Capitol attack asked Loudermilk to meet. In a letter sent on Thursday. In the letter, the committee said it had found evidence that contradicted Republican claims that there was no evidence that there was a tour on the eve of the riots.

Lauder Milk acknowledged in a statement on Thursday He said he brought “a member of the family” to the tour the day before the riot, but said the family did not enter the Capitol building on Jan.

The place the family went to on the 5th was not violated on the 6th, the family did not enter the capitol grounds on the 6th, and none of the family members were investigated or charged with respect to the 6th of January. ‘ he read the statement.

Representatives from Trump and Loudermilk did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.


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