Try Guys continues as a trio after Ned Fulmer’s drama.

The Try Guys confirmed that the rest of the group would make their way into the trio after Ned Fulmer’s affair was revealed.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Try Guys explains Ned Fulmer’s argument.

Try Guys recently shared a video on his YouTube channel titled ‘What Happened’.

The clip came a week after the announcement of Ned Fulmer’s departure.

Comedy Troupe’s Yang Eugene Li, Jack Kornfeld and Keith Haversberger sat on the sofa. They spoke solemnly to the camera.

‘I want you to know that I had no idea this was going on,’ Habersberger said. All of this information was shocking to us as it was for you this week.’

They also revealed that they have been gradually editing Fulmer in their videos over the past few weeks.

‘We want to provide a timeline of what happened and transparency into our decision making,’ says Kornfeld.

Try Guys Reveals Ned Fulmer’s Drama Timeline

Keith Habersberger admitted that she learned of Ned Fulmer’s affair over Labor Day weekend after several fan messages.

A Reddit user claims to have seen Fulmer become intimate with a woman other than his wife around the same time. The woman was later identified as Alexandria Herring, a producer and employee of Try Guys.

After that, they noted that Fulmer was fired from the company on September 16th after a three-week HR review process.

‘We decided not to rush the announcement for several reasons,’ Habersberger said. In other words, there are real people who have been harmed, and while we think of this as a company problem, at the heart of it are families.’

On the other hand, Kornfeld said, ‘We’re losing friends. We’re building a company together and we’re losing someone with countless memories.’

Fans React to Try Guys’ New Video

Several fans took to social media to support the rest of the Try Guys.

One fan wrote, ‘The fact that #tryguys refused to clean under the rug just because they were friends makes Eugene, Jack, and Keith respect 100000% more.’

Another said, ‘#tryguys doesn’t apologize better than most creators who apologize for something they didn’t do’.

On the other hand, another user said, ‘Eugene: Here is a friendship with Ned. Ash to ashes, dust to the chick next door.’


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