TWICE’s Jihyo clarifies misinterpretation in an interview with Grammy magazine

In a recent interview with Grammy Magazine, which was published on August 25th, TWICE’s Jihyo took the bubble to clear up misunderstandings. TWICE Jihyo explained that his remarks were translated incorrectly. She noted that she found a mistake when she saw certain articles discussing it. Her mistranslated remarks are Jihyo’s remarks that “I didn’t know that her former members had renewed their contracts until just before her official announcement.” Fans raged, arguing that it was unexpected that the 9 strong members did not discuss contract renewals, so their trust had dropped.

Although the mistranslation did not cause much damage, TWICE’s Jihyo had to clear up the confusion. She wanted her fans to know that each of the group’s nine members knows it’s hard for everyone to be on the same page. She explained that the members didn’t know much about it until the agency announced the official position, but she wasn’t sure about the contract renewal until the contract was signed.

Twice’s Jihyo clarifies comments on contract renewal in an interview with Grammy Magazine

TWICE’s recent 11th mini album ‘Between 1 & 2’ is drawing high expectations. This is the first domestic comeback since the nine members of TWICE each renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment. They showed their existence as opposed to the ‘seven-year curse’ that K-pop groups often encounter. However, TWICE’s Jihyo revealed surprising information regarding the renewal of the contract in an interview with Grammy Magazine. According to the article published by Grammy Magazine, it seems that the members were not aware of the contract renewal until just before JYP Entertainment officially announced it.

Once (TWICE fan) was bewildered by the words that the members were too close. They would all have expected such a conversation to be discussed together. Anyway, Jihyo explained the misunderstanding about the translation of through the fan message app bubble on August 26th. Regarding the bubble, Jihyo explained that she read the article and realized that there was a mistranslation. ‘I realized while reading part of the article,’ she said. [about us]. I think there was a mistake!’ Jihyo said. She then explained that it does not mean that the members at the time did not know that the other members had renewed contracts until the official announcement, but that they had no idea how the contract renewals were going to proceed until they were seated. I sign.

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‘I hinted that none of us would know how the renewal would go until the contract was actually drafted and jumped in to sign. I was trying to explain that having everyone on the same page is not at all simple,’ she said. Jihyo Continuing, there was no guarantee that we all had to renew. [contracts], it’s okay because it’s our life! I just wanted to stress that it’s really important that we can make our own decisions. However, I don’t think the interview ended up being translated.’ Finally, Twice reassures the fans, saying, ‘It doesn’t matter’ and concludes. But yes, anything! [It] We’re still Twice and OT9, so it doesn’t matter. Whether we know it or not, it doesn’t really matter!!! she concluded

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