Twitch streamer ‘Biljo’ was robbed while filming in Miami

Twitch Minecraft streamer billzo was robbed while filming her last American vlog in Miami. Billzo is gaining popularity as a streamer. His collaborations with other YouTubers always get him noticed. Meanwhile, his own Minecraft streaming is also very much loved by fans. But how did he face the robbery in Miami?

Read ahead to learn more about Twitch streamer Biljo, who faced robbery while filming in Miami.

Who is Twitch Streamer Biljo?

billzo is a popular Twitch Minecraft streamer who is only a teenager. Billzo, from the UK, runs a channel where he streams all his games on Twitch. In fact, he is also popular on social media. This is where Twitch has 576k followers.

His Instagram account has about 518k followers. Not only that, but in addition to individually streaming Minecraft games. He also collaborates with Ranboo and James Marriott. But he’s recently been doing the much-awaited US travel v-log of his fans.

Biljo gets robbed while filming in Miami

Billzo traveled to different places to meet other Minecraft streamers and often collaborate. Back in November 2021, he even stayed in Los Angeles with other social media who became famous like Tubbo, Ranboo, Badlinu and Aimsey. However, recently Billzo captured a trip to the United States. He seems to have left him with terrifying memories.

While Billzo travels to America with his friend Freddie. It was only when Billzo was filming the final part of his trip to the United States that he and his friend were robbed. In fact, the incident took place in Miami. Afterwards, he shared information about it through a Twitter video on May 25th.

Fans react to Billzo being stolen

As Billzo said, no more US travel after the robbery. He also said the robbers stole Freddie’s laptop and Bilzo’s insulin for his type 1 diabetes. Also in this he lost a samurai bandana to a robber. To be sure, it gave the streamer and his friends a terrible experience to remember.

But after sharing this horrific incident. Billzo’s fans have expanded their support for him and his friends. Meanwhile, the incident also garnered a lot of attention on the Internet.

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