Twitch streamer Greekgodx has been banned from the platform.

Twitch has always been in the spotlight with bans such as when streamer GreekGodx was recently banned from the platform. Yes, Dimitri, popularly known as GreekGodx, is facing a ban on Twitch. But why was he banned from the platform?

Read ahead to learn more about GreekGodx banned from Twitch.

A Little About Streamer GreekGodx

GreekGodx is a popular Twitch streamer whose real name is Dimitri Antonakos. He is a British streamer famous for a channel run under the name GreekGodx. His channel has many followers. It also includes 1 million followers on Twitch.

However, he stopped streaming Twitch for quite some time. The reason was that he was concentrating on his journey to lose weight. But again, he appears to have left Twitch for a different reason than before.

Twitch bans GreekGodx from platform

Taking a break for weight loss work. Dimitri is back on Twitch in 2020. But even in 2022, he didn’t post as often as a streamer. In fact, his last broadcast came on June 28th.

But after that stream, his channel was banned because all his clips and videos were unavailable. Well, that made everyone think about why he’s not on Twitch anymore.

The only reason is Dimitri’s twerking while streaming. Don’t miss it. Dimitri finally streamed topless. He also wanted the women he was dating to take care of the house and children. He will stream and make money for his family. It certainly gave him the image of sexist remarks.

Dimitri’s reaction to his Twitch ban

Dmitry told a lot of stories that are hard to miss. After that, his channel was banned. But after the ban, he took to social media to reveal what the ban was. As when StreamerBans’ account spoke of GreekGodx’s ban. He came forward to answer it.

It is said that he was a prankster while streaming recently. Because of this, his channel faced a ban for twerking. However, he said he would never publish such content on the platform again. But I will keep those things for TikTok.

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