Twitter announces new policy to reduce ‘copypasta’ content

Twitter has announced a number of new rules to reduce Tweet visibility for accounts posting duplicate “copy pasta” content.

Over the past few months, Twitter has undergone a number of changes, including acquiring new owners and introducing new features like the long-awaited edit button.

Now the company giant has issued rules for copypasta to prevent plagiarism.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is copypasta?

Copypasta is an online slang term for duplicate content.

Simply put, it means that account users copy, paste and tweet the same text through online forums and social networking platforms.

The ‘copypasta’ method is used not only by individual users, but also by a small number of large corporations that operate online slang and run multiple campaigns.

It nevertheless ends in widespread spam and hostile campaigns. It also encourages people to steal ideas from other users.

How to identify if a Tweet has limited visibility?

Twitter has announced four ways to determine whether or not your tweets are visible to other users. they:

  • Makes Tweets impossible to amplify in popular search results and trends.
  • Do not suggest Tweets on the timeline of users who do not follow the author of the Tweet.
  • De-rank tweets with replies.
  • Excluding Tweets and/or Accounts in Email.

Instances of safe and objectionable Twitter content

Social media websites have provided additional examples of sharing content in a secure way to limit the visibility of tweets to users. they:

  • Retweet existing content using the Retweet feature.
  • Copy and paste your content, Tweets mixed with comments, or explicitly citing copied content.

We’ve also provided two examples of objectionable content that reduces the visibility of user accounts and Tweets. they:

  • The same content tweeted by an individual, even if the people involved use the same account.
  • Tweets that may interfere with the experience of other users, including mentioning users or using hashtags with the same Tweet content.
copy pasta

What are serious violations?

Twitter continued to disclose what he considered a serious violation under the new policy. Violating the rules may result in your Tweets being deleted or permanently banned from social media sites.

  • Publish copypasta content using automation or scripting.
  • False engagement occurs when most content has one or more accounts promoting copypasta content.
  • Repeatedly engaging in copypasta to promote content that violates other Twitter rule.



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