Twitter Reacts To Dave Chappelle’s Scheduled Return As SNL Host

Dave Chappelle is back on SNL as a host, and all Twitter users have the same reaction. Well, we know that SNL has been one of our viewers’ favorite shows for years. Besides, I see a lot of stars who appear frequently on TV shows. This time around, Dave Chappelle, the old SNL host who is getting all the reactions, is back. So, when can we see Dave Chappelle hosting SNL?

Read ahead to learn more about SNL so that Dave Chappelle can return as SNL host.

Dave Chapelle and the SNL Show

We have been running SNL for many years. Over the years we have featured numerous celebrities on the show. Among them were numerous celebrities hosting SNL. Well, we’ve had Dave Chappelle as a host on SNL about twice before.

Just like in 2016 when Dave Chappelle came to host SNL. It was when Donald Trump was president. Meanwhile, Dave Chapelle then returned to SNL when Joe Biden won the election. But is Dave expected to return to SNL?

Dave Chapelle returns to SNL as host

Recently on SNL, news of Dave Chapelle’s return was reported. Because this is Dave’s third time running an SNL show. It’s all due to arrive on screen on November 12, 2022.

It is getting a lot of reaction on the internet. In fact, another guest will accompany Dave Chapelle to SNL. Who other than the famous musical guest Black Star? The announcement of Dave’s return to SNL came from comedian Amy Schumer.

Netizens React to Dave Chappelle’s Return to SNL

Fans have had Dave Chappelle on SNL before. We’re seeing netizens react to having Dave host SNL again on Twitter. Some netizens on Twitter expressed their happiness at Dave’s return.

Many netizens aren’t very excited about Dave Chappelle’s return to SNL. One of the netizens said of Dave, “He wasn’t funny last time.” Some even included Twitter memes showing netizens’ indifference to Dave’s return to SNL.

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