Twitter User Claims Lalo Gone Brazy’s Death

Lalo Gone Brazy became a hot topic in social media debate as a tweet claiming the death of the TikTok sensation went viral.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Lalo Gone Brazy’s alleging death tweet explained

On June 27, Twitter username keemstarnews tweeted suggesting that Lalo Gone Brazy was shot and taken to hospital after being shot in the park.

The message was ‘June 27, 2022: A TikToker named lalogonebrazzy was shot in the park for life and rushed to hospital. He is hospitalized in critical condition with two gunshot wounds. I pray. ‘

Please note that the aforementioned Twitter account is not that of YouTuber Keemstar. He is the host of Drama Alert and is known for covering news on social media influencers.

Nevertheless, there is no evidence to verify whether the rumors are true.

Everything we know about Lalo Gone Brazzy

Nalgon, popularly known as Lalo Gone Brazy, was born in Mexico and is 22 years old.

He shared the video on his account ‘lalogonebrazzy480’.

The social media star also frequently posts songs on the site, mostly in Spanish. Fans love Trumpet’s signature song at the beginning of the clip.

Lalo went viral on TikTok after sharing a clip jamming SleazyWorld’s song Sleazy Flow on a video-sharing platform.

He has over 20 million likes on his TikTok page.

However, while having 1000 followers on social media, Lalo’s presence on the site has not been active for quite some time, causing concern among fans. His last social media content was uploaded in 2021.

It’s still unclear whether the TikTok star is taking a break from the internet.

Twitter’s history of spreading false rumors

This isn’t the first time Twitter users believe rumors they’ve discovered on the platform.

Speculation over the alleged death of Lalo Gone Brazzy came a day after rumors about Lil Tjay broke out.

One user also suggested that the rapper was brain-dead, while another claimed he was paralyzed for life.

It is important to note that there has been no official confirmation from the rapper side yet.

In addition, rumors of the death of several celebrities in the past were shared through the platform. Therefore, it is important not to believe any information shared on the internet unless verified by an official source.



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