Two more suspected monkey head cases found in Utah

Utah’s health officials are investigating two suspected cases of monkeypox, the nation’s fourth-reported infection.

Two adults who recently returned from abroad living in a Salt Lake County home are showing mild symptoms, officials said.

Salt Lake Health said the infected couple is in quarantine and there is no risk of exposure to others.

Five confirmed or suspected cases were reported in the United States last week.

Florida health officials on Sunday said they had identified a “presumed” case of monkey pox in a patient in Broward County. This case is also related to overseas travel.

Last week, a Massachusetts man became the first confirmed case in the United States. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is also testing samples from New York City patients who experienced symptoms consistent with monkey head.

World Health Organization official David Heymann said on Monday that the main theory behind how the outbreak is spreading is sexual contact between gay and bisexual men who attended two recent raves in Spain and Belgium. .

Monkeypox is relatively common in Africa, where it is endemic in animals, but has not previously triggered an outbreak beyond the continent of Africa.

“We know that monkey pox can spread when it comes into close contact with the lesion of an infected person,” Heyman said. “Now sexual contact appears to amplify the transmission.”

A more reassuring message to reporters in Tokyo came a day after US President Joe Biden said that “everyone should be concerned about the disease.”

He said the smallpox vaccine was effective against monkeypox and the United States has enough doses to fight the outbreak.

President Biden delivered a more reassuring message about monkey pox on Monday.

(AP communication)

“I don’t think it has risen to the kind of concern that existed with COVID-19,” he said at the press conference.

WHO has found 190 confirmed or probable cases in 16 countries, including the UK, Spain, Israel, France, Switzerland and Australia.

On Monday, Denmark announced the first case, Portugal revised to a total of 37 and Italy reported one additional case. It spread from primates to humans.

US health officials say the risk remains low in the US. They recommend that anyone traveling to countries in Europe and West Africa where monkey pox is endemic should consider getting vaccinated.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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