Two professional beach volleyball players take apart iconic scenes from ‘Top Gun’.

1986 Naval Aviation Classic top gun There are many memorable moments. There’s nothing sweaty or superfluous than the iconic beach volleyball scene. Tom Cruise’s Maverick, Anthony Edwards’ Goose, Val Kilmer’s Iceman and Rick Rossovich’s Slider played a game that could only be described as an exciting game before Mav rudely left in an unbelievably short time of less than two minutes. White.

(Anyway) In case you haven’t seen this amazing scene or want to enjoy it again, here it is.

To fully understand and understand the level of this match, we enlisted the help of experts from the US National Volleyball Beach National Team, Tri Bourne and Trevor Crabb.

Here are some of their takeaways.

This may not be the best volleyball

look, the name top gunIt’s not top volleyball.

In just nine seconds of the clip, Bourne called it “terrible form.” “So far the setup has been very minimal,” Crabb adds in a more diplomatic tone. The hand setting is later described as “absolutely tragic”, a poignant prosecution. In fact, many settings are not even covered by the legal rules of play for beach volleyball. Unfortunately, none of the spectators was an official referee.

It only gets worse.

“This defense is pretty bad,” Crabb says. Bourne just shakes her head in disbelief. To credit Maverick, Goose, Iceman, and Slider, Crabb later went on to put some extra effort into defensive diving, saying, in fact, “it’s okay.”

“It’s fun because they’re really intense like they’re really good at,” Bourne adds. “They’re too bad.”

Tom Cruise’s jeans are absolutely ridiculous.

Denim is unlikely to be in a future American volleyball jersey upgrade. After Kenny Loggins serenade the duo on screen, Crabb called it “suspicious costume.” “I see Tom Cruise in jeans on the beach.”

If you were to give the reasonable man a list of options for beach outfits, tight-fitting jeans would probably be everyone’s last choice. The thought of working out in jeans immediately gives you goosebumps, but what if sand is added? It’s a nightmare. No wonder Maverick asks you to use the shower room at the girl’s house he’s going on a date with, oddly enough.

“I have to put on a new outfit for Tom Cruise. That’s for sure,” adds Crabb.

Tom Cruise as Netman?

The duo of Maverick and Goose has a man who is 5 feet 7 (Cruise) and a man who is 6 feet 2 (Anthony Edwards). So who do you put in the net? That’s right, Edwa-Wait a minute-Cruise?

This makes no strategic sense.

Crabb gave Maverick a good spike, but Bourne immediately points out that “it wasn’t Tom Cruise who actually attacked.”

most valuable player

So, who has the best skills (loosely used here) in Top Gun’s volleyball game? Experts agree that this is Val Kilmer’s Iceman. Crabb and Bourne quickly realized that Iceman was the one to win thanks to his sharp hitting and better technique. “Iceman is getting a technical award.”

minimum value player

I’m sorry, Maverick. There is work to be done in court. “He’s kind of convulsive,” Bourne said. “It’s a little too intense.”

“Yeah, Tom Cruise is probably [has] Worst form,” Crab added. To be fair, it could be the fact that he wore tight jeans and the friction started, but it’s not his best day anyway.

Perhaps this is why he tied the knot at 1 and dropped the score. He knew it wasn’t going to get any better.

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