Tyga deleted and apologized after the Ay Caramba music video faced criticism.

Tyga apologized for his Ay Caramba music video after the rapper faced a major backlash against the aggressive Mexican-American stereotype seen in the clip.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Tyga apologized for the Ay Caramba music video.

Tyga recently appeared on Power 106’s LA Leakers radio station hosted by American Cholo.

If you don’t know, Cholo specializes in dissolving various misconceptions and stereotypes in the Latino community.

In addition, Cholo has in the past severely criticized Taiga and promoted violence on his YouTube channel.

In addition, during a conversation with the podcaster, he officially apologized for the controversial Ay Caramba music video full of unsavory stereotypes.

Tyga, whose real name is Michael Ray Stevenson, claims that ‘I didn’t mean to offend anyone’.

He continued, “I’m really sorry if a lot of people were offended. When I do a show, 50% of the West Coast audience is Mexican. If they get hurt, I get hurt too.”

Tyga claimed he was abroad when the video hit the internet and when it began to get a backlash. Therefore, he could not react immediately.

Regarding this, ‘I started to see a lot of people getting angry, and I didn’t answer because I was a little embarrassed. I tried to do a little research and try to ask a lot of my friends who grew up with me that I’m Mexican.’

The 32-year-old musician went on to say, ‘I’ve always been doing Latin music, so I’m really a little confused as to why people are offended.’

Ay Caramba music video contains stereotypes such as game show presenters boasting sombreros and mariachis. Moreover, the Mexican-American community was not impressed with the overweight man eating tortilla chips in the clip.

Tyga explains why Ay Caramba’s music video had to be removed.

Tyga insisted that she did not want to offend anyone. Rather, he wanted to ‘pay homage’ to Latinos around the world.

He said, ‘I’m not Mexican, so I can’t say that Mexicans are upset about something, but I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I want to apologize to the Mexican community and to the Mexican fans.”

The Far Away singer claims that the overweight character’s name is Gordo and that he was ‘not even Mexican’. He claimed that the man was inspired by the character Nutty Professor played by Eddie Murphy.

Tyga said, ‘It wasn’t my intention that this character was a fat Mexican character. So I was confused. It was meant to be a fun video, but not to make fun of Mexican culture.’


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