U.S. ‘accidentally’ fires at Iraqi Kurdish neighbor

US troops stationed at Al-Harir air base in northern Iraq’s Kurdish region “mistake” fire Kurdish news website Rudaw reported that at least 11 civilian homes and one civilian vehicle were damaged in the nearby village of Shaqlawa on Monday night.

“At 10 p.m. [on May 9], [U.S.] Shakhla and Basrma regional director, Jangawar Azhgayi, said: “The bullets fell in the center of the Basrma region and the reason why security forces arrived on the scene was because the military was doing special exercises to shoot down drones.”

Projectiles known to have been fired by the US military penetrated at least 11 houses and a car in the middle of Basrma, Azhgayi said, adding that no casualties were reported in connection with the incident.

“The bullet hit my house, my sister’s house, windows, doors, everything. We were all at home, but thanks to God we are safe,” Rudaw said, citing an anonymous witness.

U.S. Army and Air Force jointly manage Al-Harir Air Base, as part of the US military effort “Operation Inherent Resolve” defeat According to the Pentagon, Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria “with and through regional partners” in Iraq and Syria. The airfield is located 13 miles northeast of Shaqlawa and 20 miles northeast of the city of Erbil. The city of Erbil is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Rudaw’s English News Service report On May 10, “Operation Inherent Resolve’s press desk and the Department of Defense have been repeatedly contacted and requested for comment. [May 9 Shaqlawa] There was an accident, but there has been no response yet,” he said.

“Despite the fact that Rudaw English submitted a question [U.S.] Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby did not address the event on Tuesday. [May 10] A briefing will be held at the Pentagon.”

May 10th Ludo share Two photos via Twitter account showing Shakhla and civilian structures that were shot through bullet holes on May 9.

Iran’s state-owned Mer Communications report Regarding the May 10 incident, “The Arab press reported on Monday night. [May 9] Gunfire was heard at Al-Harir Airport in the northern Iraqi state of Erbil,” he said.

US military plans maintain Forces were stationed in Iraq and Syria, despite a complete halt to official activities in neighboring countries to counter ISIS (from around 2014 to 2021). It no longer holds territories in Iraq and Syria.

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