Uber and DoorDash are shutting down gas assistance programs for delivery drivers despite skyrocketing pump costs.

  • Uber and DoorDash have ended or will end their gas subsidy programs for delivery drivers.
  • The two companies launched a program this spring to offset soaring gasoline prices.
  • Gasoline prices rose 12% last month. Uber maintains a gas surcharge for car calls.

Uber is ending a program that charges customers fuel surcharges so delivery drivers can offset it. rising gas cost.

According to a memo sent to the company, it plans to stop the 45 cent surcharge on June 15.

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Shared with drivers and insiders. We will continue to charge an additional 55 cents per ride to ride hailing customers.

“We are extending the fuel surcharge for Eats packages through June 15, but we have no plans to continue after that,” an Uber spokesperson told Insider. “This change will not affect Uber riders who continue to receive fuel surcharges when evaluating alternative options. The Uber platform makes it easier for drivers who were delivering food to switch and initiate boarding and disembarking.”

Uber is the second company to end its fuel subsidy program. In late April, DoorDash told drivers that it would no longer pay fueling bonuses to delivery drivers who drove more than 100 miles in a week.

Companies have decided to end these programs despite gasoline prices continuing to hit all-time highs. According to the AAA, the average gasoline cost in the US today is $4.60 per gallon. This is an increase of 12% from a month ago and is already a record number.

Uber and DoorDash still have some fuel price benefit programs for drivers. The two companies are paired with GetUpside, an app that offers cashback rewards to offset gas costs. And DoorDash has expanded its debit card program to give drivers cashback when they use the pump.

But delivery drivers complained to Insider that DoorDash and Uber both buried the news that their gas programs were expiring. The news that DoorDash is quietly ending its weekly fuel bonus comes with the announcement that it is extending its debit card program. The UberEats driver received an email with the subject line “Extension of fuel assistance surcharges”. It was only in the body of an email from Uber announcing that the program was ending in mid-June.

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