UK fines Clearview AI, orders deletion of all data

British intelligence commission presentation It fines Clearview AI and orders the company to remove information about UK residents from services.

The fine is absolutely as low as around 7.5 million pounds. initial proposal It is £17.5 million, but it carries a message and other enforcement actions will affect Clearview’s services.

“[Clearview] “Not only are we able to identify these people, but we are also effectively monitoring their behavior and serving as a commercial service,” said ICO’s John Edwards. We have acted to protect the British people by issuing enforcement notices.”

Clearview AI Fine

The ICO found that Clearview had violated UK data protection laws by not having a legitimate reason for collecting the data, not using that data in a “fair and transparent” way, and not complying with the GDPR and UK GDPR. .

The company has amassed a database containing more than 20 billion images, primarily by scrapping images available on the open web. From there, the AI ​​matches that image with a picture of a real person.

Unfortunately for Clearview, none of these images were collected without the consent of the images contained in them. That means it violates many data protection laws around the world.

Similar sanctions were imposed on Clearview in France, Canada, Italy and Australia.

not cool

People generally don’t like being watched, but Clearview has taken this to the next level, causing considerable backlash from authorities around the world.

in Pitch Deck for Investors, Clearview will have 100 billion images by February 2023, from 10 billion in early 2020, which is a staggering amount. This can be inflated to your audience, but any part of it is a huge amount of data about people.

However, governments are getting smarter and measures like ICOs have made it more difficult for Clearview to easily operate in key regions around the world.

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