UK: Locals protest at Patel’s 1,500-person migrant camp in a small town.

Lost villagers have protested this week against the Boris Johnson government’s plan to dump some 1,500 migrants into the camp of a community of about 600 adults.

The Interior Ministry, led by Pretty Patel, failed to seek or negotiate on Thursday from residents of the village of Linton-on-Us outside York in northern England for permission to set up a migrant camp.

Residents said, “The asylum center. Wrong plan, wrong place.” yoke press report.

The government plans to house up to 1,500 migrants at the town’s former Royal Air Force (RAF) base as a former military facility is converted into a migrant camp as the shipping crisis in the English Channel continues to worsen.

According to reports, Interior Ministry officials were ridiculed at a meeting held at the town hall on Thursday evening when a woman told government officials that “whatever you say will not give the residents peace of mind.”

Residents continue to express concerns that home migrants, twice the city’s population, will radically change the way they live without their prior consent.

“I don’t think you understand the concept of what you are doing to our society,” said one resident.

“People get angry. 1,500 men are coming to our village of 600 adults. What are you doing to conduct an appropriate impact assessment?” Another question.

It also claimed that at the meeting, police officers had advised women to no longer wear short skirts in public because of safety concerns posed by male migrants. A police official said, “The alleged remarks would have been inappropriate for a police officer to make.”

Another resident argued that all housing sales fell as a result of the government’s announcing plans to open the migrant camps.

Locals said villagers would need planning permits to make changes to their homes, such as extensions, but the government could radically change entire communities without going through a democratic process.

Dr. Olga Matthias, spokesperson for the Linton-on-Ouse Action Group (LoOAG), said: The Department of the Interior, which should be at the forefront of the government’s most important goal of keeping citizens safe, is starting to destroy this community and our way of life.

“Without any consultations, no planning permits, no risk assessment on the front, despite overwhelming opposition from all sides, they are moving forward with a crazy plan to place 1,500 asylum seekers in rural villages.”

In response to the planned camp this week, a bipartisan vote of no confidence in the Department of the Interior was passed by the North Yorkshire County Legislature.

Amid record numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel in small boats launched off French beaches, the government has placed suspected asylum seekers in hotels and former military barracks in Folkestone across the country.

The migrant camps have been filled with the violent outrage of the migrants who have been there since their inception, and in one case, migrants set fire to buildings to protest the harsh conditions within the camps.

The government also saw backlash against plans to open a camp that could accommodate 500 immigrants at the Royal Air Force Base in Barton Stacey, Hampshire, which has a local population of only 1,000.

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