Ukrainian volunteers use a Russian tank nicknamed ‘Bunny’ against the Russian army.

  • Ukrainian fighters use prisoners of war Tank It earned the nickname “rabbit” for its former owner, a Russian.
  • The T-80 tank has destroyed dozens of Russian vehicles and several tanks in the past few weeks.

Ukrainian reinforcements are using captured T-80 tanks named “Rabbit” against their former owners, Russian troops.

The tank was built two years ago and was controlled by the Russian Army until March of this year. CNN Sam Keelymet volunteer warriors at Ukraine.

A Ukrainian soldier identified only as Alex, a former software engineer who lived in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, said he was on a sniper mission when he discovered an abandoned tank in a field in March. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not justified, Kiley reports.

“This is like my personal tank. I [the] Tank commander and tank owner,” Alex told Kiley in an interview, adding that the “slightly modernized” tank could be “more advanced and shoot better rounds”, including self-loading and guided missiles.

In March, “Bunny” destroyed 20 Russian military vehicles and several tanks, Kiley told CNN.

Ukrainian and Western officials said earlier this week that Russian troops appear to be withdrawing from Kharkiv. New York Times reported After the retreat from Kyiv in early April, Russian forces suffered considerable setbacks. British Ministry of Defense official Quotation RussiaThe reasons for the withdrawal are ‘cannot capture Ukraine’s major cities’ and ‘big losses’.

Earlier this week, Ukraine mocked Russia’s annual “Victory Day” military celebration. Moscow The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense “is ruining vacations for the occupying forces” by hosting its own “parade” featuring captured Russian tanks. Twitter.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at Russia’s “Victory Day” celebration on Monday, calling Ukraine and its leaders “Nazis”, but declined to declare war on warnings from Western officials.

“The West was preparing for an invasion of Russia,” Putin said in his Victory Day speech. “NATO was creating tensions at the border. They didn’t want to hear from Russia. They had other plans.” “You are fighting for your country and for your future. Make sure no one forgets the lessons of World War II, and there is no room in this world for the executioners, the punishers, the Nazis.”


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