Ukrainian Zelensky compares Ukraine and Israel in Davos

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky compared his country to Israel in a conversation with World Economic Forum (WEF) Chairman Klaus Schwab during a videoconference at the Davos Forum in Switzerland.

According to Schwab, Ukraine’s leader spoke to a crowd of thousands of business and political leaders, telling Davos organizers whatever happens in the current conflict: War can be repeated.”

In the long run, Zelensky asked listeners to consider “the example of Israel”, saying that the Ukrainian government must “create conditions under which people and businesses will not be afraid to exist and thrive in this country”. , a similarly hostile environment, but has established itself as a relatively prosperous economy. A thriving technology industry Although the low-level conflict remains almost constant, or worse.

“Ukraine is a little bigger than ours. [Israel] And the task of defending our land is more complex,” suggests the Jewish Ukrainian leader, whose mission is “to create a state-of-the-art defense system; Build the most modern multi-mode defense and security systems. To prepare for cooperative defense agreements with countries we respect and trust… This is to ensure that future opportunities for an aggressor to attempt to enter our country are not short-lived.”

Zelensky also called for tighter sanctions against Russia, saying, “Sanctions are up to … “It would have taken tens of thousands of lives,” he said. A strong arms supply and sanctions, such as those currently in force, could have been saved if they had been agreed immediately, rather than piecemeal.

Members of the Zelensky government have previously argued that it makes no sense for Germans to discuss whether Russia should be excluded from the SWIFT international payment system immediately after the Russian invasion, especially to German ambassador Andrij Melnyk. “A few hours” before it is conquered.

Melnyk described the exchange as “the worst conversation of my life.”

In Davos, Zelensky emphasized the damage the war had done to the Ukrainian economy and stressed that the rebuilding work would be a “huge”, as he pressured companies still doing business with Russia to shut down.

“We have lost more than $5 billion and destroyed tens of thousands of facilities. We have to rebuild the entire city and industry,” he admonished.

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