UK’s Jubilee Flypast Weekend 2022: How and When to Watch

If you want to have some royal pieces to see this year, then there’s nothing bigger than the Jubilee Flypast. Yes, the Jubilee Flypast event will be a royal event this year to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s incredible devotion to the throne. But unlike other events, this one is waiting for everyone. So what can we see in Jubilee Flypast?

Read ahead to learn more about Jubilee Flypast and other details.

Jubilee Flypast Event Date Announced

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the longest-reigning queens of all time. For 70 years she ascended the throne. Finally, this year is the time to honor her Queen’s work. One of the events to celebrate her work will be Jubilee Flypast. Because it starts this month.

There is little time left to celebrate the Queen. It will be held from June 2nd to 5th. Well, if that makes you curious enough to know more about it. Then here’s what we have planned.

2022 Jubilee Flyfast

What’s special about Jubilee Flypast?

This royal celebration takes place in England. So everyone will have something special to watch at this time. One of the most interesting is the air show. We will see around 70 aircraft taking part in the air show. There will be RAF Red Arrows, Lancaster Bomber, Supermarine Spitfire and more.

In fact, on June 2nd, our own aircraft arrived near the wash around 11:45am. The air show will show aircraft flying towards eastern countries before arriving south of Swaffham & Thetford in Norfolk. Therefore, the destination of the Royal Air Show will be flying the aircraft.

When and where can I watch Jubilee Flyfast?

For those who don’t plan to go to the air show. Then another way is to watch Jubilee Flypast on TV. Jubilee Flypast is streaming this royal event live. should match. BBC One. The time and date is June 2nd at 10am.

This event will be hosted by Huw Edwards, Kirsty Young and the last JJ Chalmers. Airshow times and locations are also available on social media. However, the time may change depending on the weather.

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