Ulta Beauty faces backlash by inviting Dylan Mulvaney.

Ulta Beauty faces a boycott call after inviting controversial transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney to a podcast on ‘Girls’ Generation’.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Why is Ulta Beauty being criticized on social media?

Ulta Beauty invited Dylan Mulvaney to a recent episode of the podcast series Joy Of Girlhood to reveal her transition with host and celebrity hairstylist David Lopez.

The two also discussed a variety of topics, including their respective journeys in the LGBTQ community. However, during the interview, Mulvaney detailed some of the things that triggered the avalanche of transphobia vitriol on the internet.

She said, ‘Now I know I can find love, I know I can still be an actor, I know I can have a family. I want to be a mother someday. And I absolutely can.’

‘So the narrative still has a long way to go,’ said the actress, ‘because I didn’t even know if those things could reach me when I was mourning Boy Dylan.’

She continued, ‘There is a lot of shame and a lot of stigma. It was strange because I had transgender thoughts and knew I was trans. But I had a transphobia of myself.’

Mulvaney’s comments were considered misogynistic, and users online called for a boycott of the beauty giant.

Social Media Users Blame Ulta Beauty

Several clients of Ulta Beauty have used social media to diss the company that featured Dylan Mulvaney in the episode.

They allege that the 25-year-old influencer stole femininity and wore it as a costume.

One user said, ‘Why don’t you wear women? We’re your main target market, aren’t we?’

Another netizen said, ‘Stop trolling women @Ultabeauty’ You can hide the reply, but you can’t hide your contempt for women.”

Another user said, ‘Now is the time to boycott WOKE companies. Women should boycott Ulta Beauty after a cosmetics giant released an episode of an “offensive” podcast featuring two adult men discussing “girliness” and gender identity.

Meanwhile, someone else said, ‘A woman’s face is HATE. It harms women and girls. Report Ulta here for hateful content (harmful stereotypes and metaphors). Then click the link to go to YouTube, downvote and report it. This creepy, abusive, misogynistic and pedophile behavior must stop.’


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