United Airlines investigates video of worker assaulting airliner

An unexpected fight broke out between a man who appeared to be a former NFL player and a man who appeared to be a United Airlines employee. All of this was captured in a shocking video.

According to TMZ, Police identified the arguing customer as Brendan Langley, a former cornerback for the Denver Bronco. In the video, he was shown exchanging punches with a United Airlines agent at the check-in desk at Newark International Airport.

Video obtained by the news agency shows the two men arguing in the middle of a fight that appears to have ignited a fight between the pair, as a man in a black sweater is captured by an onlooker who is filming the chaos shouting “You pushed me.” shows After that, an airline agent approaches him and slaps him in the face.

In the background, a person can be heard repeatedly shouting “Please stop” outside the frame. After the airline staff puts the first blow in the face of the passenger, the traveler shouts “Did you see it?” Before he counterattacks the workers.

The passenger is then laid on the airline staff, who is pushed over the check-in desk and lands with their backs on the conveyor belt.

The employee then appears slightly unbalanced as he tries to stand up and starts walking towards the person who hit him, with blood running down the side of his face.

At this point, the passenger sees the staff returning towards him and shouts, “Oh, would you like more?”

The man in a black sweater can be heard a United Airlines employee say, “I was working at the airport, and he assaulted me” before the video cuts off.

A United Airlines flight attendant and a passenger were caught in a fight at Newark International Airport.

(Twitter/screen grab video)

In a statement published in daily mailUnited Airlines said it would investigate any disputes between employees and passengers.

United Airlines staff and passengers clashed at Newark International Airport, which resulted in staff bumping into check-in desks and conveyor belts.

(Twitter/screen capture)

“United Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind at the airport or on board, and we are working with local authorities to further investigate this matter.”

independent Port Authority Police, United Airlines and the NFL were contacted for comment on the video.

TMZ reported that it had received confirmation from local law enforcement that the passenger had been arrested after an argument.

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