‘V Rising’: How to earn gold

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  • Gold can only be obtained by smelting gems that fall from certain enemies.
  • Elite enemies such as priests and knights in Silverlight Hills tend to drop gems frequently.
  • Players must defeat the boss in Brighthaven Cathedral before smelting gold.

Gold is somewhat elusive in the world of “V Rising”. Instead of harvesting ore from nodes inside the mine, players will have to spend time hunting down the game’s most powerful enemies to get a pile of gold for all crafting requirements.

In “V Rising”, you can acquire a moderate amount of gold. Elite enemies of Silverlight Hills. This includes armored knights and priests who can be seen patrolling Silverlight’s roads or inside military camps.

Some bosses like Quincey Bandit King or Raziel Shepherd can sometimes drop gold, but this takes too much time and effort to farm.

Unlike Dunley or Farbane, all fighters in Silverlight Hills pose a serious threat. Even basic infantry can be extremely lethal if backed by a priest’s healing or a knight’s tremendous offensive pressure. Riflemen in particular can significantly reduce the player’s health if left alone for too long.

Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills PHOTO: BRIZING

The only way to get gold ingots is by smelting gold jewel shards dropped by enemies in the furnace. Each ingot also requires a significant amount of sulfur, so stock up before starting your gold run.

In order to actually smelt gold into ingots, players must defeat the level 68 boss Azariel Sunbringer at The Church of Radiance in Brighthaven. It’s a good idea to bring a full set of Tier III weapons and armor before you attack Brighthaven.

Darksilver gear can be crafted by mining silver at the Sacred Silver Mine in the northern area of ​​Silverlight. This place is crowded with soldiers, so it happened to be a good place to farm ornaments. However, players will need to get a full set of Tier III armor by growing ghost yarn and other materials in the Cursed Forest to the northeast.

Defeating Azariel will allow players to convert all gems into useful gold bars, which can then be used to create Twilight Eye buildings. Doing so opens up the final game portion of the Early Access release with Soul Shard hunting.

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