Veteran Al Jazeera journalist was shot dead while covering Israeli airstrikes on West Bank

Reporter Al Jazeera was shot in the head Wednesday while covering an Israeli airstrike on the occupied West Bank. report. US citizen Shireen Abu Akleh was announced dead in a hospital after the shooting, which reporters’ colleagues described as a targeted Israeli attack.

Akleh’s colleague Ali Samoudi said: “We were going to film an Israeli army operation, but they suddenly shot us without leaving us or asking us to stop filming.” “The first bullet hit me and the second hit Shireen,” said Samoudi. “There was absolutely no resistance from the Palestinian army at the scene.”

After being shot in the back, Samudi was hospitalized in stable condition after being shot in the village of Jenin.

Another Palestinian journalist at the scene, Shata Hanaisha, claimed that the media had been deliberately targeted by Israeli forces.

“We were four journalists, all wearing vests and helmets. that much [Israeli] The occupying forces did not stop firing even after they fell. I couldn’t even reach out her arm to pull her in because of her bullets. The military was resolute in shooting her to kill,” Hanaysha told Al Jazeera.


Reporters react next to the body of Al Jazeera journalist Shirin Abu Aqle, who was killed by Israeli forces during an Israeli airstrike in Jenin on the Israeli-occupied West Bank on May 11, 2022, according to a Qatar-based news channel, according to a Qatar-based news channel. there is.


The news network urged the international community to “accuse and hold accountable the Israeli occupation forces for the deliberate targeting and killing of our colleagues,” while calling on the international community to “try to cover up their crimes.” suggested.

US ambassador to Israel, Tom Naise, urged “a thorough investigation into the situation”. [Akleh’s] At least one other journalist was killed and injured in Jenin today.”

Israeli authorities painted a completely different picture of the events surrounding the death of the prominent journalist, claiming that Palestinian militants opened fire when Akle was attacked.

The Israel Defense Forces said that “journalists are investigating the possibility of being hit by Palestinian militants.”

Akleh, who has been with the news network since 1997, was one of the first field correspondents.

Activist Fadi Quran wrote of her death: “Shirin was a brave, kind and noble journalist, watched by me and millions of Palestinians.”

In her final dispatch to the News Network’s Ramallah office at 6:13 a.m., she said: I’ll let you know as soon as the photos are organized on the way.”


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