Vicky White and Casey White tried to escape.

Alabama prison guard Vicky White and her lover Casey White attempted to escape last month before fleeing, law enforcement sources said.

The two officials told the AP. Mr. White, 56, took the 38-year-old murder suspect from Lauderdale County Jail for 40 minutes before returning him to his cell.

It’s unclear when the dry run began, but after apparent success, the couple got their kicks off on April 29th.

The shocking revelations come as new details about the couple’s escape plans and how the nationwide manhunt proceeded continue to be revealed.

The search ended dramatically in Indiana on Monday, when an inmate was detained by police in a police chase and a prison guard died of a gunshot wound to the head.

Field Marshal Marty Keely filed a detailed description of the investigation and nationwide pursuit to the AP, said US police officers about three hours after a Lauderdale County Sheriff official noticed the couple missing, he said.

Mr. White picked up the inmate from the Lauderdale County Penitentiary around 9:30 a.m., claiming that he was taken to the Lauderdale County Courthouse for a mental health assessment.

She told her colleagues that once he was taken to court, he was ill and would be treated on his own.

The two never got to court.

At first, law enforcement officers believed White had kidnapped White, but soon found out that she had concocted a mental health assessment, so the pursuit of the man began.

The Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force took action and received an early tip from a fellow prison employee, from whom Mr. White called and asked to pick her up at the Academy Sports + Outdoors store in Florence, Alabama. said he did

Keely insisted that Mr. White lock his car keys and pick him up on the way to work.

The staff said it was strange but wanted to help a friend.

Surveillance video of Vicky White helping Casey Cole White get out of jail on April 29th

(Depa of Lauderdale County Sheriff)

Authorities went down to the store’s parking lot, where they found Mr. White’s patrol car. It was the same vehicle used to escape the prison.

Then, surveillance footage from the scene captured the fugitive vehicle. She was an orange Ford Edge, bought with a handful of cash a few days before she escaped.

After interviewing family, colleagues and other inmates, as well as examining financial and other records, officials discovered that White had a “special relationship” with White.

A few weeks before the escape, Keely said, she sold her home, her car, and applied for retirement for $95,000, well below market value.

She also purchased AR-15 rifles and shotguns and .45 caliber pistols to add to her 9mm service weapon, investigators believe.

The guards bought menswear from a local Kohl’s store and also visited a store selling sex toys.

By this time, the couple had already left the state and were in another vehicle nearly 200 miles (322 km) away.

Keely said a tow truck driver from Williamson County, Tennessee, called and towed the Ford Edge.Three or four days ago, he was still in his tow yard.

The couple left the prison in a patrol car and switched to this car first.

(US Sheriff Service)

After scouring rural Tennessee for clues, investigators found a house on the lawn with cars and several trucks for sale.

The landlord immediately recognized the photo of the prisoner and helped authorities organize what had happened.

He told investigators he sold the White Ford F-150 pickup truck for cash. The truck didn’t have license plates, but White didn’t care, the man told authorities.

“He says, ‘Yes, I sold him a truck,’” Mr Keely said of the landlord.

“So we found out that he sold the truck to him the very day he escaped from Lauderdale County Jail. It happened just hours after they escaped.”

During the sale, a woman in an orange pod pulled over and the two drove behind each other, the man told authorities. He also provided the vehicle identification number or VIN of the pickup truck to the authorities.

The whites abandoned the Ford Edge and headed for Evansville, Indiana in pickup trucks.

There, White also dumped her latest getaway car at the car wash.

Casey White caught on surveillance video at Indiana car wash

(US Sheriff Service)

They chose a new getaway vehicle, a Cadillac, and paid the homeless to rent a room in Motel 41 for 14 days.

The car wash first discovered the abandoned pickup truck on May 3 and reported it to the police the next morning.

But when the policeman came out and checked the license plate, the car wasn’t stolen, it was left behind. The police officer recorded the vehicle’s VIN in the report.

The car wash owner towed the car himself.

On Sunday, US sheriffs searched a database of the couple’s fugitive vehicle and found a matching VIN while on their way to Evansville.

Surveillance footage captured White and the car wash picking up. Keely also showed Cadillac driving around motel and restaurant parking lots.

Police officers found the Cadillac in a motel parking lot across from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office.

The task force began monitoring the motel and witnessed the suspects leaving. White would put on a wig in disguise and drive away in a Cadillac.

Field Marshals secretly pursued them, Keely said, but officers were spotted and a police pursuit began.

Police said the chase ended when the police ditched the couple’s car and at some point White shot him in the head.

Dashcam footage shows Casey White being arrested.

(Evansville Police Department)

The policeman first pulled White out of the car and said, “Help my wife. Her wife just shot her in her head,” she said.

The reason he mentioned a prison guard as his wife was with officials who confirmed that he was single.

White was handcuffed and dragged, while White pulled his slack body out of the car with a gun.

She received medical assistance at the scene and was rushed to the hospital, where she eventually died.

Officials said the couple owns about $29,000 in cash, four pistols and an AR-15 rifle at Cadillac.

White told investigators that he was ready to engage in a shootout with the police when he was arrested.

White returned to Alabama’s top-security prison awaiting trial in June on charges of murdering a 58-year-old woman in 2015.

He is already serving a sentence of 75 years in prison for criminal acts, including the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend in 2015.

He was charged with a first-degree jailbreak on Tuesday.

White’s body was returned to Alabama after an autopsy was completed, and the coroner ruled her death as a suicide.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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